Mikan & Natsume Kissed??? EH??!

For those of you who didn’t know, there’s stuff going around that Mikan and Natsume kissed and I’m here to set the facts straight. After hours of long research, here now is the final say on the matter.

YES! Mikan and Nastume DID kiss! And it was in the ongoing Gakuen Alice manga. Here’s how the story goes. I’ve basically condensed the facts before and a little bit after the kiss. Here’s the manga scan as well. ^_^

At the dance, Mikan trips and falls headfirst into Natsume making it seem like they kissed. Everyone was shocked but the boys were congratulating Natsume for being mature but no one was listening to Mikan’s sqawks of indignation.

“We did not kiss! My lips landed on his tooth!!!” wails Mikan.

Meanwhile, Natsume goes outside while Mikan chases after him to make him retract the kissing story.

On the tree, Mikan and Natsume are still arguing about whether or not they kissed. Natsume was insisting that they did kiss, Mikan on the other hand was vehement that her lips landed on his teeth when Natsume suddenly grabbed Mikan by her collar and pressed his lips against hers.

After a while, Natsume pulled back. “So that’s a kiss, I don’t see what’s the big deal about it,” he said before jumping off the tree leaving a very shocked Mikan.

Nope, the kiss didn’t happen in the anime..too bad. I sincerely doubt if they’ll ever animate that scene, there were a lot of scenes already cut from Alice Academy in Animax and the Japanese are also very strict when it comes to kids hugging or kissing (think Card Captor Sakura The Sealed Card Movie where the scene where Sakura is supposed to hug Syaoran was cut).

On the other hand, this is a good sign that Natsume and Mikan will end up together in the long run. Here are some shoujo manga signs to collaborate it:

1. Usually, the first guy who kisses the girl gets the girl in the end (Peach girl)

2. Brash, abrasive guys also win over their gentler rivals in love (Fruits Basket, Card Captor Sakura)

3. The first person/guy seen the by the heroine in the story is the guy she’ll end up with (Love for Venus)

Wai! Mikan x Natsume fans rejoice! There is hope for our favorite pair! Uwah! I really, really hope there’s a season two, the manga is amazing, definitely darker than the anime. Stay tuned!



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  1. is that so?!


    they really kissed!!!!!!!

    i luv them so much!!

  2. What’s the name of the manga? And how many issues? Sorry for bugging you I just really like it.

    • ..gakuen alice..
      ..as of now there are 145 chapters released manga..
      ..that’ all..
      ..try to read all of them..you’ll surely love it.:D

  3. The manga is Gakuen Alice, I believe that that scene is from chapter 52. I’ll give the full summary of the chapter from this Alice Academy Forum I visit. Gakuen Alice is still an ongoing manga so I’m not exactly sure how many are already out.

  4. Where can you read the manga? I am still searching. If anyone knows please email me at sunshinehigh@hotmail.com. With title saying something about Gakuen Alice so I will actually open the email. Thank you thank you for reading this ^^

  5. Also, gakuen alice is the japanese name. Not sure if it’s same for english because the original makers did not say anything yet. But Gakuen Alice actually means School Alice, aka, Alice School. In japanese gakuen means school.

  6. Nvm, it’s Alice Academy for english, some say. But translation of mine was right ^^;;

  7. I absolutely adored that scene. I actually re-read that scene SO many times, just can’t get enough of it XD I believe Japan has already published chapter 68, and the next chapter should be out in a few days. I’ve been reading the manga in Chinese, and they’re at chapter 67, just one chapter behind, not bad.

  8. I was excited to know that they really kissed!I wish it has been animated in anime!I rally like that COUPLE!

  9. hey, anyone who knows where can i find alice gakuen manga english sbbed? please email me at gotenks_buknoy@yahoo.com tnx puhleeeze

  10. really they kissed!?!?!? do you know where i can read the manga? or where i can get s copy?

    Also, where i can find alice gakuen manga english subtitledd? thanks!! =)

    pls email me at candeeberry@gmail.com

  11. really!!
    that’s so cool!!!
    i luv Natsume and Mikan!!!
    Email me summore!!!

    yahoo mail: tapioca_puddingayi@yahoo.com
    add me in friendster!!!


  12. pls.. all natsume and mikan fans!!!

    email me every thing!!!

    i’m waiting…

  13. on October 15, 2006 at 4:22 pm | Reply Fruit Smoothie

    are you serious??WAII~~awww! I wish it came out in the anime~~T^TOh well. Does anyone knoe where i can get the gakuen alice amnga? doesn’t matter what it is subbed but i prefer english..doesn’t matter!if you do knoe where to get the manga PLZ e-mail me!

  14. Anou… is it too late to ask?? But I’m getting kinda desperate here! Uhm… where can I get manga scans of gakuen alice?? I’ve been scouring web pages for ages it seems! mangas aren’t so popular here… =’c it’d be great if it’s scanlated in english but I’m not too picky right now… so, if anyone knows, I’d appreciate getting an e-mail! Thanks a lot! tineijuchen@yahoo.com

  15. someone has the scanlation of this manga??I have a lot of other manga scans(like inuyasha, card captor sakura kodocha dnangel urusei yatsura ecc ecc)and we can exchange it!!Plz send me an e-mail at kirlia@hotmail.it (yes I’m italian^^) Bye bye

  16. omg those 2 kissed i wished theii would kissed in the anime!

  17. hi. where can i find alice gakuen manga english subtitle? please let me know… thanks a bunch 🙂

  18. well….. i knew it would happen even it was not shown on anime channels..

    i really,really love gakuen alice its a nice story with a bit of ………

    well … i hope someday there will be gakuen alice 2 and a bunch of movies like cardcaptor sakura….

    ummmmm…. if theres any new news about this cute anime pls email me please…..

    thanks a lot….

  19. well….. i knew it would happen even it was not shown on anime channels..

    i really,really love gakuen alice its a nice story with a bit of ………

    well … i hope someday there will be gakuen alice 2 and a bunch of movies like cardcaptor sakura….

    ummmmm…. if theres any new news about this cute anime pls email me please….. shem_mriel@yahoo.com

    thanks a lot….

  20. i support them to be 2gether leh..

  21. lol~
    Anyone read the entry on Wikipedia?
    It quotes:

    “In the manga, Natsume kisses Mikan 4 times on the lips.”

    So this here is 1/4 ne~~ now the question is the circumstances around the other 3….
    not to mention that GKA is ongoing so there maybe more to come^^

  22. Waah, they kissed!? Thats… thats… thats adorable!
    In my dream world, Gakuen Alice would be a three season series of elementary, high school, adult life and get progressively darker and more mature but with the same characters.

    …it would just be really neat, that’s all. 😀

  23. on October 31, 2006 at 2:29 pm | Reply keroppi-in-pop-art

    Finally i found this picture! Wohoo! I really love thic couple! Very cute! Bad boy and Noisy Girl. Gimme some more! >_

  24. oh my.. i cnt beleive dat dey actually kissed..

    i really luv dis couple!! they are gud 2geder!!

    can anybody tell me too where i cn fnd gakuen alice mangga in english??

    pls email me at jenevieve_ong_2000@yahoo.com

  25. Can someone please email me the link for Gakuen Alice manga past volume 3? I’d really appreciate it!!!

    Email: mon_ami92@hotmail.com

  26. In english if possible.

  27. I can’t belive that they kissed.. ^^,
    Do enybody know where i can get the manga in english??
    I really want to read it!!!
    Please, mail where i can read the manga in english..
    I would be verry, verry happy if you did!

    Thank you! ^^,

  28. Plz tell me where i can find the manga online in english!!!! im begging you!! oh and if u ppl need to know where to find other mangas online with english subs plz email me with a title saying something like “hi” “heyz” or anything that is normal =)
    My E-mail is : Trix_puppy@hotmail.com

  29. Plz tell me where i can find the manga online in english!!!! im begging you!! oh and if u ppl need to know where to find other mangas online with english subs plz email me with a title saying something like “hi” “heyz” or anything that is normal =)
    My E-mail is : lil.baby.bear@gmail.com

  30. i know a web to where you can read manga but it doesn’t have gakuen alice =/ email me if u want to read a different manga online!
    Again My E-mail is : lil.baby.bear@gmail.com

  31. i want to read the manga….i wish they will hv a second season in the anime version but … ahh… like fruits basket..it seems not possible…a kiss…kya………….^^

  32. hi im cielo may and im just wondering where did you find the gakuen alice manga site?

    heres my email:cielomay0230@yahoo.com

  33. hi ! im realy love this manga . can you tell me where to find it?
    My email:mewmewtokyo2006@yahoo.com

  34. i really love this manga
    can you tell me where
    to find it in english sub??
    my email is…xxooxxy@hotmail.com


  35. Hey, I never knew.can some one send me the link to the manga sites if u know?????????neutriana@yahoo.co.in Pls……….

  36. hey i love this anime plus manga but i can only find anime:( tell me anything about this subject im really desperate! fiercefulfiredragon@yahoo.com


  38. I love this anime!! mikanXXnasume 4ever!!!

    bye bye

  39. they kiss yes !! ( but it’s in the manga! 😦 wel they kiss:)


  40. Are you serious?!?! They kissed?! Now I REALLY want to read the manga!! Do they have it her in C.A.??If they do can someone PLEASE e-mail me at punkchild94@yahoo.com!! PLEASE!!

  41. wow they kissed where can i find the manga plz tell me here or send me an email at alien_cats@yahoo.com

    thanks a lot

  42. Too bad that is not in the anime… >.

  43. wow they really kissed and they really look so cute together!!!

    hey anyone out there who knows where to buy the manga pls email me in myemaimlcll@yahoo.com


    i really love that anime…………

  44. they really kissed? I really lovethat couple!!! If anybody knows where to find the english manga pls email me bratz_christine@yahoo.com!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!11

  45. they r really a couple made in heaven… 😀
    anyone know where i can read the manga (english version) plz email me… bee_angel2003@yahoo.com

  46. oh!so that’s why i didnt see it…

    can somebody email that part when they kissed???

    pls pass it to atemayel@yahoo.com

    im really looking forward to see dat but i cant even find it in youtube…

    huhuhuhu…. 😦

  47. i lov alice academy ~ i really want to read the manga!!
    if u know where i can read the manga >english ver. pls

  48. Who know whr i can read the manga (english/chinese version) n anime sub in eng or chinese..epi 21++…pls email me sky_girlz93@yahoo.com n put Gakuen Alice at da subject there..so i will open it..thx

  49. gakuen alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is reallly kawaiiii (cute)
    i was amazed by how it is composed and done
    the animator really dida fine work!
    a thousand thumbs up for him….er her if she’s a girl

    ahhhhhhh what an anime we needed to see especially the addicts!

  50. gakuen alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is reallly kawaiiii (cute)
    i was amazed by how it is composed and done
    the animator really dida fine work!
    ahhhh im hope the kissing also happen in the anime not just in the manga!

  51. im going gaga over alice academy. Cana anyone send me a direct link to the manga. with english subtitle! i would gladly appreciate it. pls pls psl!!!

  52. wow they really kissed..i heard a lot of rumor about that, that they kissed…………..plz can someone tell me where can i read the manga scan of that scene……………….plz have mercy…..plz help me find it…………….

  53. I know! It’s great-^^-! When I first saw it I was so happy-^^-!~

  54. if possible i would like to know any links to Alice Academy’s scans… T_T ive been desperately trying to find it!

    pls email me: lost_universe_89@html.com

    I luv natsume x mikan!

  55. Omg, they kissed?!? Yeaah, they’re so cute together. I’m watching the anime, but i’m just at episode 16 cause they’re so slow with subbing =( Does anyone knows where to get the manga in english? Or some chapters on the internet with english subtitle? My e-mail is hangnguyen85@hotmail.com, please, e-mail if you know the answer.

  56. Oh My God!!!! I cant Believe That Natsume Is Kissing Mikan This is so Way so cool!! I thought that Natsume Hate Mikan So much!!!
    I thought that ruka will kiss mikan !! I wish i could just see Natsume And Mikan Kissing in Animax.This website rocks also The more I
    think about They are kissing the more I am crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. i love it when mikan and natsume are together. no need to cut when natsume kissed mikan coz everybody who watch this anime sure not kids anymore………..if u cut, it wont be interesting any more……………

  58. Oh wow they kissed!!!! I knew they would because there’s alot of rumors going around!! Oh wow…Natsume kisses Mikan 4 times in the manga?!?!?!? Oh…I wish I could read it!! >.

  59. emm guys…
    do u hv any idea whr can i buy dis anime???
    any shop in m’sia(KL) selling dis???
    i cant wait for de ANIMAX …
    n in youtube.. sum epi is in chinese sub..
    i cant understand leh.. any idea whr can i get dat anime??
    pls pls reply.. or email mii at yogurtpie_czyspy@hotmail.com (^.^)

  60. Heh, I’m living in KL as well. There’s no shop which sells Alice Gakuen’s dvd/vcd. I’ve asked Anime Tech stores whether they have it, but they don’t. Maybe, you could find one in Singapore. I recommend you, Singapore has the most anime-english subbed dvds. Obviously a high price to offer, but if you’re tat desperate, well… ^^”
    Any info bout this anime, pls email me.


  61. like Mishia said tht this kiss is like the 1/4 times Natsume and Mikan kiss..so can sum1 try to upload the other 3 pictures.pls

  62. wat u mean!!?? THEY mite not show it!!!??? NOOOO!!!!!! T-T i really like it if they did plz plz plz plz plz plz *crosses fingers and prayz*

  63. I also want to know where to find the manga. I can’t read Japanese so if you found it in English or subbed then could you please send it to me? My email address is sweet_n_sassy6m4@hotmail.com

  64. Natsume and mikan will make such a great couple! Darn it, the manga in comic, hasn’t even been published since the 4th comic on Indonesia, which is 6- more months ago?! I need to complain but don’t have the guts to do it! If anyone knows of a bookstore in Jakarta, that published alice academy5, pls email me at windy_godess@yahoo.com

  65. please tell me where i can read the manga in english email me horyan2609star@hotmail.com thanx

  66. on January 13, 2007 at 10:55 pm | Reply lil' innocent gal

    ARRGHHH !!!! FINALLY THEY KISSED !!! I could cry for joy !!! sob, sob Anyway, Does anyone know where we can read this manga online somewhere with the English translation ? Please tell me !!! I’m begging you !!!

  67. Wow, did they really kissed ,I hope they would put out the original movie in Malaysia’s Animax

  68. This mnaga seems great but do you know where i could get it in ENGLISH????????????????????????????????????????????

    Or is it NOT OUT IN THE US YET?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you possibly could email me about this matteer i would be oh so happy!


  69. they did kiss?
    great..they r very lovely couple..
    but why not showing it in anime..
    arghh..its frustrating..

  70. ok…they kiss…very good if they together…where can i find the real manga ???i wan to see the real manga!!!i wan to see they cut off how many!!! please give me the answer!!! please…i need it

  71. my e-mail address is miki.lim@hotmail.com please give me the real manga!!! i wan to see it!!! please tell me!!! where i can find the real manga???

  72. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

    they really kiss!! hahaha my dream come true!!

    tell me what episode is that manga? Sorry my english not so good, because i’m indonesian.

  73. Xet!! Sooooooooo CUTE!!!!
    They Kissed AlReady!!! KAWAII. tsoto guys…

    If U knOw Much More ’bout TheM, don’t hEsitaTE 2 Say..

    Plzzzz lang… I’m A Very Bid Fan…. $ Hikan & naTsume…


  74. Mikan and Natsume really kiss!!!???????? Omg!! I really must read Gakuen Alice manga now! Can some one tell me where got Gakuen Alice Manga sell in Malaysia? If you know, pls pls tell me!!! Send me the shop name and ADDRESS that got sell Gakuen Alice manga. E-mail to Tsubasa-Reservoirchronicle@hotmail.com

  75. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S Natsume and Mikan did KISS!! I MUST MUST MUST read the Gakuen Alice manga!!!!!!! If anyone know where got sell Gakuen Alice manga in malaysia, pls do tell me… If you know pls tell me the shop`s name and ADDRESS, thx!! Pls E-mail to magiesternegi@hotmail.com

  76. ~Arashijo….
    NICE ONE!!…where did u find this manga piece in english?? pls let me know….

  77. *sigh* I got this part in Raw form and don’t understand a single bit. 🙂

    Like the others, anyone who knows where to get the scanlations in English, please drop me a line.

    And for those in Malaysia, it’s currently repeating the Alice Academy in Astro, every weekday at 5pm and repeats again at 10pm. It’s at episode 18 now, I think ..

  78. Ooops: my email (didn’t realise it wouldn’t show earlier) >.

  79. I Absolutely LOVE this anime!!!
    But I wanna keep watching it for free on the net
    can anyone tell me where to find free eps with Eng subs???
    I’ve tried YouTube and Crunchy!!!


    P.s. kimmygoldenangel@hotmail.com

  80. too bad it didn’t happen in the anime series!!!!

    any wayz i just love alice academy!!!!

  81. natsume and mikan 2hether………….
    OH!!!!!!it makes me grow crazy
    oHH!! the pair is to good for each other……………O God i really love this show….. just let the movie continiue with no cuts………….
    ok that’s all for now

  82. on January 25, 2007 at 7:57 pm | Reply ninetales/ mishell

    actually there is a season 2 and in season eight I heard that natsume kisses mikan 8 times! well it’s nice to see pics like this sometimes… it’s soooo romantic….

  83. I love this anime I been looking for the manga book forever but I still can’t find it if someone knows where to find it please tell my email address is JaphyJohn@gmail.com

  84. there are manga online? can anybody pls pls pls tell me how to read it!!!
    i am the biggest fan of mikan n natsumei. there are like the cutest couples ever!!!
    it is almost final episode in animax now. oh my, how am i going to live without them.. so please everybody, i beg for the web~

  85. opss.. my email is syue_heart@msn.com
    i really hope somebody will email me the web..
    please n thank u.

  86. nope, that’s wrong. I have the ccs movie cd. they really not show sakura and shouran hugged. But i had found the pic.

    P/S: Mine CD is ori one!

  87. wow……… yeah finally i know that they will really be together…..

    i wish they did not cut that scene…

  88. did mikan sakura and natsume kiss in animax????pls tell me

  89. did mikan sakura and natsume kiss in animax????pls tell me or e-mail to me jovee94hotmail.com

  90. on January 28, 2007 at 10:17 pm | Reply .smile on - the .desolate

    alice academy sucksrocks!
    awwe. They kissed! kawaiiiiii
    Hrmm. I want to buy the manga >_

  91. OMG!!! Where can i download the mangas!! I MUST READ!!!!!! >.

  92. u can find manga at http://www.anime-eden.com (chptr 1-17) or http://www.mangadownload.net .. can anyone tell me where to find CHAPTER 18 AND BEYOND (englsih version)? tell me tell mee >

  93. oh oh oh!i reli love the part they kissed!!whre can i download the mangas??if anyone noe pls pls email me at simple_duple2007@hotmail.com i beg beg u guys!pls plz email me!itz a priority one!!!

  94. oops! really?? wow,why didn’t happen in the anime?????

  95. cool…i like natsume and mikan alot

  96. OMFG they look so cute!!!!!! I reallly but i mean really reallly really wanna watch it in manga plz mail me my mail is diana_sis_1@hotmail.com

  97. on February 8, 2007 at 2:08 pm | Reply Abby_crazy_of_Alice_Academy

    Wow thay really kissed!! That’s amazing thanks for the tips!!!! It’s makes me wanna see it everyday non-stop!!!!! They are so cute!!!! But hope the next Season doesn’t cut anything!!!! Muah!!!! E-MAIL me at abbyfrank2005@yahoo.com or at friendster same address!!!
    Hope there more cute picture!!!

  98. they really kiss??!!!??,but i go find the 52chapter seems like don hab lerrrrr

  99. oh god i wish i can have the manga…….chapter 52? what volume is that… i love those to.. they’re soooo cute, too bad for ruca though.

  100. OMG! That was so cool!!!! They really kissed!!!! xD

  101. pls ANYONE tell me wer can I buy dat manga in english!!! or if theres no available one then can anyone email the summary of that chapter on mei_javier@yahoo.com…….pls,pls,pls..tnx

  102. pls ANYONE tell me wer can I buy dat manga in english!!! or if theres no available one then can anyone email the summary of that chapter on mei_javier@yahoo.com …. pls,pls,pls..tnx

  103. I never knew that it was true! wow!:-] i m so excited!

  104. I never knew that it was true! wow!:-] i m so excited! could not wait 2 see it

  105. OMG they kissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why din they put it in the animax Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. omg, im so happy they kissed!!! they are so cute together!!! aaawwwwwww!!! could someone tell me where i can find the manga?! please email me at samarisweetie153@earthlink.net with something like Gakuen Alice as the subject so ill actually read it?! please?!

  107. umm…they’re cool…
    except for the fact that Ruka is getting in Mikan and Natsume’s way…
    pls. email me 4 some episodes…

    they kizz……………………..

    they kiss…………..

    i cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  108. waa!! they kissed!!! could someone tell me where i can find the manga?! coz u know what i ddnt watch the complete episode of Gakuen Alice. so please e-mail me please…thnx
    haha they kissed! ilov natsume! and mikan!

  109. i hope that dey will show it again on animax..
    with no cuts. hehe

  110. on February 17, 2007 at 6:26 pm | Reply lovelymikansumi

    HI, its me again…

    I hope that you’ll tel me where to find that manga so that when i go to Malaysia, i could buy and read it pls. pls. pls. pls. pls. pls.


    tell please i need to read that manga, i am so addict with it!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. I think that scene was from chapter 49 during Christmas party.

  112. I don’t believe that Natsume ended up showing his feelings in such a wierd way and saying
    “What’s a big deal about it?”
    But still i like them together
    I really want to read the manga
    so plz tell me where can I find manga online in English.
    I’ll be very glad. So plz plz plz.
    Plz email me at flora_fionna@yahoo.com

  113. Really? Why can;t they show it in the Anime?! You know what! I’m going to look for the Manga! How many books are there?

  114. omg!!! i finally found it,it chapter 50!!!!!

  115. where did u find ch 50?

  116. hey! that’s a nice blog entry… 😀 I love it… i haven’t read that chapter yet since i just recently found some manga scans at…


    it has up to volume…10! Ü
    hope it could help though it is raw after volume 3… yay!

    can i request that if ever you have the translation you could send me a link? Thanks and more power to you! ^_^

    my e-mail is: katleya.lin@gmail.com

  117. Omg that really happened…

  118. I love alice academy


  119. GAKUEN ALICE RAWKS!! MY FAVORITE MANGA ON MY LIST! I’m reading the chinese manga so I’ve read up to volume 9, I need to go back to Taiwan to read Volume 10. Volume 11 is out in Japan JSHOUJO shows releases for Gakuen Alice manga in Japan!! too lazy to copy the site on here, but go to Google and type Jshoujo and click on the 2nd link!

  120. i don’t believe it!!!

    they really kiss!!!

    MIkan, Natsume rawkz!!

  121. hey! If anyone lives in Wales and knows where to buy Gakuen Alice manga books *gets on knees* PLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!! TELL ME!!! O MY FING GOD! they kissed? how sweet lol well anyways PLEASE tell me where I can get the manga books… IM DESPERATE! oh and if you know where to get fruits basket manga books then please i’d love to know. If you do know where i can get them then e-mail me at starletkitty_meow@hotmail.co.uk … u can also add me on msn if you wanna chat about Gakuen Alice ^.^ hehe

  122. OMG They actually do kiss this is like the best day ever I always knew Mikan and Natsume would end up together even though Ruka and Mikan are a cute couple as well and they had something small, but Natsume is like really awesome tooo so theres no choice in a couple here, but whatever happen happens either couple is cute!!! >,

  123. can someone plz e-mail me if they can find one in english subbed of Gakuen Alice plz.

    i will tell you if i do find one

  124. Heres my e-mail if anyone foung out?




  127. on March 5, 2007 at 2:12 pm | Reply natsume_lover

    WWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I want them to kiss in the anime show!

  128. uhm..


    i luv them..

    ei..can you please tell me where can i get more picture about this chapter??


    iM very addicted to this anime..

    no..more than it..i mean, more than obsession!!!


    i beg you!!


  129. oly quiero desir q la serie e super divertida , y el anime es super bonito , bueno me despido xau

  130. Halloo!!

    Oh my… DAMMIT!!!!!! They KISSED and I didn’t KNOW?!?! And what’s this?! FOUR TIMES?!! I feel so ashamed!

    Oh well, my email address is sapphire_secret@hotmail.com

    Please email me the website in which we can read the english translation of the mangas.. I’ve been looking for them for ages but I dun seem to be lucky!!

    Please do help out! I’m practically dying here! I’m counting on u!!


  131. AWWWW… that’s like SO awesome!! I SO L-O-V-E em!! Anyone who knows where i can get the ebnglish translated manga scans, do email me!! It’s autumnbreeze_joey@yahoo.co.uk

    PLEASE.. PRETTY PLEASE with cherry on the top!!! An advanced thank you. =)

  132. i love natsume he is so cute thanks for this contribution bye

  133. don’t believe that Natsume ended up showing his feelings in such a wierd way and saying
    “What’s a big deal about it?”
    but they are so cute together
    I really want to read the manga
    so plz tell me where can I find manga online in English.
    I’ll be very glad. So plz plz plz.
    but you can watch gakuen Alice programs on http://www.youtube.com . its not lik the manga but there are so many cute en funny scenes.

    so plz someone tell me a manga site.


    ps: natsume is so cute(cawai)en tsubasa to

  134. i heard they are making a season two og gakuen alice so they might kiss then!can’t wait till season two!

  135. on March 16, 2007 at 6:30 am | Reply Usagi Meroko

    You can download the manga of Gakuen Alice here:

    You have to be a member to download them though. I joined, and I immediatly started reading the manga. I hope you guys can read it! XD

  136. heyy!!!!! please tell me someone,where can i buy a manga `gakuen alice`???someone please tell me!!!

  137. reply it at my email shafia33@yahoo.com

    thanks a lot!!! love you mikan and natsume!!!! mmmmuuuuaaahhh!!!!!!

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  139. hi if u noe any thing bout mikan and natsume add me to ur msn or yahoo shizzy_rox9@hotmail.com

  140. man iwonder if they’ll animate it. here in the philippines.

  141. aisha are u a filipino

  142. it’s so cute.. i’m very exited …

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    cool i still like cardcaptor sakura better..

    i love sakura and syaoran…so cool..syaoran so handsome….sakura cute

  145. omg they kissed? yayyyy i hope there will be a second season
    can anybody tell me where to read the manga????
    email me x_sha-lan_x@hotmail.com

  146. does any one know where is kare kano scanlations?

  147. :Omg IT IS VERY AWSM oh my i LOVE IT is it True i Wish It can Show At ANIMAX But i wonder If there is Season 2.I want the Manga in English.Actually Im in Malaysia-Labuan- Im a Cinese Philipino Oh my They DID IT YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON

  148. Oh is my Chinese Spelling Wrong :”} -blush-

  149. Hey,What did they really K.I.S.S.E.D omg i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CRazy about it I am Addicted with it

  150. oh where did you find this things I’m really a big fan i really like it
    also i like card captor sakura its not actually a comment i think

  151. hey xory wrong ang web

  152. lolz~~im back..
    if u noe any other website about gakuen alice or cardcaptor sakura,
    pls e-mail me at grand_theft_auto896@hotmail.com

  153. grand_theft_auto896@hotmail.com my email…lolz~~tell me about cardcaptor sakura and gakuen alice pls i beg u all lolz~~thx=)

    i lovesyaoran….so cute sakura and syaoran!!!natsume and mikan oso!!!


  155. hey all im back…by the way do any1 of u play maple???

    cool game im lvl 37magician,cleric…i love gakuen alice!!and cardcaptor sakura!!hahahaluv dem

  156. Anyway, of course when Mikan fell, she didn’t fall on Natsume’s chest but instead, her lips touched his! Everyone was shocked, especially Ruka and Natsume’s fans.

    The kiss was soft and gentle but before it could last any longer, Sumire went up to Mikan, pushed her and worst of all, slapped her across her cheek!

    Everyone gasped, except Natsume who was trying to keep his ‘cool’.

    “You cheater!” shouted Sumire.

    “What? Huh?” said a confused Mikan.

    “You said that you didn’t like Natsume but yet you kissed him! You cheater!”

    “What? It was an accident! I never meant to kiss him!”

    And with those words, Sumire turned around and walked away in a very angry mood.
    tat is wat happened

  157. on March 25, 2007 at 8:56 am | Reply Chrissy-chan

    WHAT?! That’s so not fair! How could they not put that in the anime?!?!?! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I SO WANNA SEE THEM KISS!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! *squeals at the thought of it* They look sooooooooo good together *squeals again* Mikan is so adorable and innocent and *shudders* nice *shudders* while Natsume-kun is so effin’ hot and cool and *YAY!* evil *YAY! although we all know he’s nice deep down inside*. Hehe, it’s so obvious that they like each other anywayz.

  158. I try to download the Gakuen Alice Manga. Tell me, in the manga, what chapter does have that scene?

  159. im SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!! they KISS!!ya!!yay!!omg-i LOVE THEM!!

  160. alice academy adalah film favoritku. beri tahu saya dalam episode berapa terdapat bagian itu karena aku sangat penasaran.

  161. OMFG. They really kiss! I wish they kissed in the anime, that would be so great!
    Anyways, where can we find this so called GAKUEN ALICE – MANGA?
    Lol… Is it somewhere in BC?!?!?!? If it iss… OMG.
    Anyways, if you know please e-mail me.


  162. omg ! they DID kiss !!! wow ! plz , can anybody show where i can read Gakuen ALice online ??? thank you!!!

  163. omg!!!! hail the heavens, hail the mangaka, I really2 loved natsume x mikan together no offense to ruka x mikan fans though, but actually, arashijo-san is right 1. the heroine who’ll she first met will be her leading man, 2. the boy who kisses the girl mostly gets the girl. 3. Besides, natsume was even jealous when ruka and mikan tried to kiss on the play that means natsume really liked her. Oh man, oh man, thank u!!! XD I’m very relieved now.! WOOHOO!

    ROFLLS LOLLL LMFAOO I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!!111 it does sound like Natsume though xD

  165. on March 31, 2007 at 1:47 pm | Reply natsume & mikan fans

    please give me an e-mail because i very luv natsume and mikan.
    please give me every information about alice academy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    e-mail me at: pu2t.cute@yahoo.com
    Hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i waiting here

  166. im so glad, theyre so cute! i love gakuen alice, and prefer the manga as well, but since i am of age 15 i just wished they were older so they’d be abit more mature. it’s cute and all, but the mikan-natsume love would be so much more amazing if they were older, and kissing wasnt such an exceptional thing…ah, too bad.
    but still love it.

    cheers for making the research, im currently waiting for the newest manga to appear in english (i only have 1 and 2 so far)

  167. oh and thank god natsume made a mature move and kissed her again!

  168. gw pngen taw gmana akhirnya natsume n mikan i luv them SOOOOOOOOO!!!,semoga mreka “HAPPY COUPLE”!!! and satu lagi “MAKE THEM KISSED EACH OTHER AGAIN”!!!!

  169. gw ska bgt ma mikan n natsume mreka juga “HAPPY COUPLE!!!!”

  170. I hope i could be
    mikan but too bad i’m not …………..hope they would keep on this program to remind me of that happy couples

  171. i wish i was mikan…. but natsumeXmikan are a very cute couple …. so now i wish i would find a guy like natsume in my school ..

  172. KAWAIIIII….they really do kissed…
    Do enybody know where i can get the manga in english??
    I really desperate to read it!!
    Please, mail where i can read the manga in english..

  173. gosh……….!!!!!!!

  174. on April 6, 2007 at 4:54 am | Reply alice type-elemental

    they kissed now u got me pumped for the net ep come on you tube get with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Konichiwa minna-san, I was wonder if n/e one knows where I can get manga scans for GA past volume 3.
    Domo Arigatou
    Feel free to e-mail me for whatever reason I’m all about making friends on the web!!
    Ja ne

  176. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!They kiss thats so KAWAIIIII!!!!!!!!!! i love mikan and natusme together….i wish the manag was out in engish! I want to read it so badly. If anyone knows where to read the manga or has any update that the manga is coming out in Canada or US please email me

    my email is: wladyczak@hotmail.com

  177. so please tell me if the manga comes out in canada or U.S. or where ever i can read it

  178. Everyone don’t worry.. Can’t tell you where to read it online for free or anytyhing BUT on youtube.com you can watch the series.. Sry if someone already wrote this, but didn’t want to read all thousands of THOUSANDS of comments xP But you can watch Gakuen Alice and Hundreds or thousands of other series on:


    Hope it helped ^^”

  179. -wails, hands and feet flying in the air-
    why is it that i just found your website now!!!!!
    and i hate the conservative people in japan!!!
    natsume is right, it’s just a kiss!!!!!
    why do you have to cut it!!!
    i wish they sell the manga here in the philippines!!!
    hey, can i ask if ruka did kiss mikan on the cheek?
    i read something that implied like this but i’m not sure, since i only watch anime….i don’t know where to buy the manga here!!!!!!
    please answer my question and e-mail me at corpsesdie@yahoo.com.ph

  180. -wails, hands and feet flying in the air-
    just my luck! my heart was beating awfully fast because i was so excited to download in live journal and then it said can’t download because it has expired due to inactivity?!
    rotten luck!!!!!
    tell me where i can download it for free!!!!

  181. on April 8, 2007 at 9:04 pm | Reply kissi (saga)

    u all can watch episode 21 n 22 in subs 23 is gona be relised … if u havent watch it watch in http://www.crunchyroll.com u need 2 sign up its for freeeeeee

  182. on April 8, 2007 at 9:35 pm | Reply lester liew tze hung

    if there was a season two in the anime i wish mikan and natsume kissed a lot!

  183. you can download the manga though it’s illegal, if you guys want i could ask my bro where he downloads it and i could post it. I’ll see what i can do.

  184. on April 9, 2007 at 2:10 pm | Reply lester liew tze hung

    oh and beside the for the kissign a lot i hope to see a scene where mikan and natsume getting marryed and having a baby(i’m sorry if i’m weird)

  185. ehh… I have book 1 – 10… which is from G

  186. o.o ah.. is there an error?

  187. (I’ll post in separate parts to prevent parts from dissapearing x.x)

    1. the chinese manga can be found in Anime Connection (Singapore) , Book 1 – 6 at (S$7+), Book 7 – 10 (S$8+). Just ask the counter if u can’t find it, maybe try Westmall, as i’ve always been asking for it, so the lady there knows exactly where to get LOL.

  188. 2. The Manga and Anime aren’t really different. Just that the last few episodes are not found in the manga. I believe that there’s a season 2, if there is, it would most likely start from book 5 of the manga. (which means that the anime stopped at book 4) The anime has loads of scenes not found in the manga, but i don’t think there are parts cut away from the manga.

    The are only slight differences like…
    1. Natsume took of Mikan’s skirt in the anime, but took of Mikan’s undie in the manga
    2. Mikan’s Grandpa was seen begging the postman at home in the anime, but was seen begging infront of the school gate in the manga (he is most likely to live near the school)

  189. 3. Um.. Ruka-pyon did kiss Mikan, just on the cheek, which is known as a token of appreciation for mikan?

    And.. the kidnap thing did happen in the manga and anime. There are loads of parts which showed Natsume’s growing affection for Mikan. such as the snow white part, where he threw an apple at mikan’s head to stop her from kissing Ruka (cause he’s jealous? =x)

    I’m not sure bout the 4 kisses part, i’ve only seen them kissing twice. If the part when 2 alice students bumped into mikan, which made her fall onto natsume, causing her teeth to touch his lips count o.o if that doesn’t, there’s onli 1 part… and that didn’t really count as a kiss. did it? =x

  190. Hmm, just wondering if you guys are willing to read the manga in chinese scanlation. Anyway, I would leave the link here. Enjoy!


    *The manga is currently up to Chapter 78.

  191. OMG, that was a surprise^^ lol, then again they both were cute with each other. . .

  192. on April 9, 2007 at 5:32 pm | Reply lester liew tze hung

    one last thing i hope season two shows mikan and her friends are C class students and mikan and natsume are loveres

  193. Hi im cathy and i REALLY love gakuen alice so if you find the manga or the anime plz give me the link PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ even if its just a teeeeensy part lols ^-^ thanks a lot! my email is babienugget@aol.com =D

  194. WHAT??????????? REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!! I really like Alice Academy……….but……..WHY DIDN’T THEY PUT THAT ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

    I guess it’s because of…………..PARENTAL GUIDANCE……….but I really like to see them kissing on tv or just a hug…….. like Cardcaptor Sakura……….

  195. aw ~~~ that was sweet hehe for those who love mikan and natsume pls add me hehe on my myspace & friendster (jerwinmarkcorteza@yahoo.com). I’ll be waiting ~

  196. OMG!!!!! They KISSED!!!! how nice… I hope it will be animated!!!

    Please email me the website in which we can read the english translation of the mangas.. Please!!!!! please!!!!

    I’ll wait!!!! my e- mail add is erikamae91@yahoo.com.ph…..

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  197. Does anyone know which is the best manga company to email so they can translate it(i think u spell it like that) if u do give me there email teheheh^_^ so i can email them i no its weriod but it might just work

    so email me at wladyczak@hotmail.com

    if u no any kk

  198. OMG!!!!! They KISSED!!!! how nice… I hope it will be animated!!!

    Please email me the website in which we can read the pilipino translation of the mangas.. Please!!!!! please!!!!

    I’ll wait!!!! my e- mail add is simle_cyndy98@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  199. i wonder if they’ll animate it. here in the philippines.

    hi mikan and natsume we love u!!!

  200. OMG!! =o hey guys, do you know a site where i can read the manga??

    email me : janine_rivera30@yahoo.com

    thank you!!

  201. Why did they cut??i’m waiting in that scene what kind of episode they kissed???pls answer me……………………..

  202. OMG…. XDD… KYAAA………..
    my heart is going DOKI DOKI!!!
    hehehe where could i find the manga chapter in english where it actually happen???
    I’m so crazed in the manga but it’s so hard to find…. if only i know how to read Japanese…
    hehehe love the kissing scene Thank you!!!!

  203. my god!
    i love so much natsume but i love the couple much more,.!
    i wish that there will be part 2 of alice academy!

  204. WHAT??????!!!!!!
    that’s a very great move for natsume!!!!,….

    and does somebody know if were can i find the whole manga chapters of gakuen alice????!!! please mail me right away!!!! PLEASE!!!!PLEASE!!!PLEASE!!! i think i’m going crazy and very obsessed of this thing!!!

    here’s my email add: rjoice_socute@yahoo.com

    PLEASE!!!!! X 1000

    AND THANKS!!!! X 10000

  205. WHAT??????!!!!!!
    that’s a very great move for natsume!!!!,….

    and does somebody know if were can i find the whole manga chapters of gakuen alice IN ENGLISH????!!! please mail me right away!!!! PLEASE!!!!PLEASE!!!PLEASE!!! i think i’m going crazy and very obsessed of this thing!!!

    here’s my email add: rjoice_socute@yahoo.com

    PLEASE!!!!! X 1000

    AND THANKS!!!! X 10000

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  207. i hope Mikan and Natsume will have a baby!!hehehe………JOKE!!they’re to young 4 that…. i read that Mikan and Natsume sleep 2gether in 1 room!!!Mikan kissing his fore head after she wakes up!!I hope Mikan choose Natsume than Ruka……..Ruka seems like a gay!and Natsume is cute and Handsome…I hope they will live happily ever after!!i hopei can buy some CD and comics of Gakuen Alice……..and also thx4 searching…….i’m waiting in that scene but i couldn’t see in Animax they cut it amf!….

  208. i hope Mikan likes the kiss of Natsume!!!………………..It only happes on Manga???or both in Anime???I love to be Hotaru with Ruka they always fight about the picture……Hotaru is surely a devil hehehehe…………..why didn’t like Hotaru??Hotaru is a genius girl……..

  209. i hope Mikan likes the kiss of Natsume!!!………………..It only happes on Manga???or both in Anime???I love to be Hotaru with Ruka they always fight about the picture……Hotaru is surely a devil hehehehe…………..why Ruka didn’t like Hotaru??Hotaru is a genius girl……..

  210. where can i buy the manga series of alice academy???? pls tell me….pls……im begging you pls…..e-mail me at jessica_delasalas@yahoo.com.ph….pls…thank you…

  211. hei….tatz cool!!!!!!!!!!! they’ve kissed????!!!!! i love that…. can give me a copy of english version manga?????!!!!!!

    email me at dahlin_catz@yahoo.com

  212. WHY!!!! why didnt they kiss in the anime…well at least i noe they kissed….im telling u they were mad for each other!

  213. made*

  214. hey!
    i want to see the manga where did u get the picture cause i really wanted to read this manga the love triangle of natsume ruka and mikan


  215. hei! where can i read the manga on-line or download it from??
    I really really want to read the manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but with eng translation of course)
    if anyone know, pls e-mail it 2 me at poring91@yahoo.com

  216. oh my gosh! natsume and mikan really kissed! wish that it will be shown in anime! did they hugged each other too? tell me more about them! e-mail me at cute_pretty_kim88@yahoo.com tnx! tell me if they hugged or kissed again and show me a picture of them kiss or hug!

  217. oh my gosh….is there a season 2 of it????can you tell me where did you get the story??did u buy it???or from a manga online website…pls…tell me what’s thewebsite…pls..send me a message in my friendster cuteingrid_12@yahoo.com

    thank you

  218. …..YAHOO!…they really kissed!!.. thanks guyz…. so it means that they will end up together… YEHEY!… i thought that mikan likes ruka but im WRONG… YEHEY!!!.

  219. I really like it!!!!can I know where did u get that picture!!!!sorry for bugging you!!!

  220. I hope there will be season 2!!!!!!!lol

  221. does anyone of you know where i can get an english sub manga? please contact me hurrry! mama_mia345@yahoo.com. Please help! me begging! oh, by the way, i live in the philippines!

  222. oh, and is there a season 2? i heard there is none.

  223. oh really!! they kissed! can’t believe it!! i thought that they don’t like each other… hehe

  224. aw!! amm, i hope that there will be a season 2 for alice academy, i really like your manga and especially your anime!! will ruka nad mikan kiss too!?hehe

  225. if you want summary of chapter of gakuen alice just go to..




    you know guys in the chapter. 78 of alice academy there is a new student and was name koizumi luna…

    then she wants to sit beside natsume hyuuga…
    where mikan is sit…

    but natsume hold mikan’s arms and said “what?who’s gonna sit beside you?it’s up to me to decide, stay here mikan!!!!!!

    that shocks ol the student in there section…

    there also a chapter where mikan and natsume are sleep in the bed together….

    natsume hugs mikan tightly and there are some sweet words came out in natsum’s mouth….

    you can find manga scans in applechips.livejournal.com although its japanese .. there is a summary of the chapter…

    while in xanga.com/i_love_natsume
    this is more on summary and less manga scans… ahehehehe..
    hpe i can help you guys in finding the summary of gakuen alice….


    if you have some question

    juzt email me in janna_24_lhav@yahoo.com

  226. Is that true they kissed but i knew they don’t like each other

  227. Hey…CoulD AnyOnE Of yOu TelL Me WheRe TO Get One Of THose MAnGa?…I rEALLy Want To HavE OnE…if anyone knows please mail me at cutegurl_leigh8694@yahoo.com


  228. Really!!! Will it be shown on tv! mail me plssss…..

  229. vanescruz_92@yahoo.com.ph

    here’s my mail. mail me back, OK!

  230. That is so… COOL!!!!! MIkan x Natsume is my favorite pair. I love this show!!!!!!!! THey kissed!!!THey kissed!!!!!!!! ^_^ I’m so… HAPI!!!!

  231. They kissed! They kissed! They kissed! Thanks so much for the information. I really love Mikan and Natsume to end up together!! ^_^I’m so HAPPY!!!!!!!!

    I still can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALICE ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!!

  232. THEY KISSED IN THE MANGA? YA———————–Y~!!!^_^ am so happy~!!! too bad for Ruca though

  233. I will kissed Natsume too!!

  234. to be honest i’m kinda jelouse…. i do really have this huge crush on natsume…. but what the heck!!! who cares?! the important thing is they kissed!!!! i’m so happy for them both!!!

  235. wow!!! i have red this before!!! yeah… they kissed… it’s really a shame that this very detail didnt came out at its anime version… i cant really imagine something like that could have happened!!!!hehe!!!^_^!!! Mikan x Natsume!!!forever!!!

  236. I can’t believe they KISSED!!!!!!!!!Will there b a season2?????Some ppl said there will b?? Not sure Mikan & Natsume r sooo cute together

  237. on April 19, 2007 at 3:39 pm | Reply princess pixie

    wow.. i can’t believe that natsume kissed mikan sakura.. i love that part very much.. i hope that chapter will not be cut by the channel 2.. because it’s so beatiful.. hehe

  238. im sry for being a nusiance(spelling) but where did u find the manga i love to noe how mikan ended up like i mean serious me noeing she must be like OMG!! nut she lucky if i was her i be mad happy!!!

  239. I luv alice academy… I did wish to have a next episode of it!!!… T_T

  240. what?!!!
    is that true
    im so in love w/
    alice academy
    mikan sakura and natsume
    I LOVE IT SO………. M U C H

  241. OMG!!!!!… and besides there a cute couple…^^

    By the way wat epesode was that?????


    u want to know more about gakuen alice?

    send me e-mail: dhea_strawberie@yahoo.com, or
    add me as ur friend at friendster:dhea_strawberie@yahoo.com

  243. They really Kissed!!!!! AWWWWW!!!! I very like this pair….
    CaN anyone give a site where i can read a manga scan of this…..
    Please I’m dying to read the manga of Gakuen Alice….

    Ohhh… P.S PLEASE Add me asa your friend nadja_moment17@yahoo.com


  244. hey.. which book is this chpt in??? i realli wan to read tt.. so far i onli see bk 10.. isit in any of tt series???

  245. ..ohhh… y they didn’t kiss in the anime..???
    it so bad!! hehe 🙂
    y they cut the scene in (alice academy or gakuen alice) we’re natsume and mikan kiss…. huhuhu!!! 😦
    y the’re very strict, it’s just a kiss or a hug…it’s just a cartoon or anime…… and heellloooo!! the’re not a real people…the’re only an anime…so y they cut the scene we’re mikan and natsume kiss….too bad!!! huhu 😦

  246. ohhh…natsume and mikan kiss??? ohh nice!!! i love it…
    i love this couple..the’re both cute!! hehe 🙂
    antsume is so handsome..gosshhhh!!!! i like natsume so much and also mikan 2…. hehehe…
    this anime is so beautiful….
    i like it so much….
    and i hope abs-cbn channel 2…dnt cut the scene we’re natsume and mikan kiss…. hehe 🙂
    ummmhhhh,,,, what’s episode we’re natsume and mikan kiss???
    plzzzzz…answer me…. hehe : )

  247. hey!!my name is eve.I love Alice Academy as well,,,but i did’nt have time to watch it…..anywere,i’ll always try to watch,but sometimes,i field….and a day..day…day,,Alice Academy is finish!!I fell shocked and sad,,very very sad!!but everytime this ‘ sad thing’comes back,and nomater what happens,,I LOVE ALICE ACADEMY!!!!!!hope i can see it again!!!

  248. hey uhmm. thanks for posting that..!

    if they have season 2 tell me the title…

    reply to me on friendster: natsumemikan_forever@hotmail.com


  249. REALLY?!!!!BENERAN?!!!!
    ahhh…at last!!!my dream come true!!!!!
    where can i found that chapter?!!!
    pls email me in bia11aulia@yahoo.co.id
    bwt yg di indonesia,komik alice academy udh diterbitin disini kan?
    adegan ciumannya diptng gak????kalo nggak, gw mau beli komiknya,krn slm ini gw cm nonton animenya di animax.kissing scenenya diptng lg……..*hiks..hiks..*

  250. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Hope They’ll Show it in the anime series…….

    I just love both of them……

    Mikan, Natsume kissing in a tree….


    Love lots>>>>>



  251. men they SHOULD animate this scene where mikan and natsume DID kiss…..

    ohh.. i really want to see that they really kiss each other…..

  252. hi der!!!!! i know dat someone had alredy ask it….
    but ill ask it anyway……..

    is tere any season two of gakuen alice?
    im too curious, for the first one have left me hanging…….

    arigatou gozaimsu!!!

  253. on April 23, 2007 at 10:43 pm | Reply haruka ~ saiyo

    where can i find alice gakuen manga english subtitle? please let me know!
    i well be very happy! i loved this anime!

  254. darn! why do they have to cut it… can you please tell me where did you get this? heheh… the anime is so addictive… i may be working now but i still love watching it… 🙂 i watched it over the internet and i also love watching it on tv when i arrive home… Mikan and Natsume are soo cute together.

  255. gakuen alice is sooo amazing… i luv gakuen alice… more than every anime in the world…. i luv natsume…. he’s soo cool…he’s sooo handsome…natsume……..I REALLY LOVE U!

  256. aww. i really love the both of them.

    anyway, where can i download mangas of alice academy?

  257. why its so sad thre is no kiss!!!!!!!!!!

  258. on April 25, 2007 at 9:30 pm | Reply iLovenAtsumE

    wahhhhh!!! so they did kiss!!… thanks for thelling the story…… now, i know what really happend! i really really wish they’ll make a season 2!!!!!! why did’nt they make season 2??? huhuhuhu… if anyone knows that there is a season 2, pls tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) thanks anyway for the short story…;)

  259. oh damn!!! the new chapter 79!!! i hate tat you-chan,he steal natsume from mikan!!!!!!

    well,it not natsume really wan,but i still crazy when at chapter 78,you-chan wan sit with natsume call mikan give her seat tat scene,natsume wew so cool!
    Natsume:wat r u doin? who sit beside me is me decided! don’t go mikan……(>.

  260. where can i read gakuen alice manga??? Please…please…please can you give me the website…please…please…please…i’m really dying to read it…

  261. on April 26, 2007 at 3:04 pm | Reply natsume-mikan avid fan

    is there someone who knows where i can read the gakuen alice manga? please let me know..please..please..please..i really want to read it!!!!!!!!!!! just give me the website..please……please…….thanks in advance..hoping that someone will respond to this comment..(“,)..ü

  262. wow I’ve waited so long for this! I hope to buy the issue. can somebody tell me where i can buy gakuen alice manga?

  263. sorry for the first comment if anyone knows where i can buy this manga please email the address to me at animestarster@gmail.com

  264. i hoPe i cAn rEAd tHAt maNga!!

    whAts tHE naME of tHE MAnga whEre nAtsuME and miKAn kiSs?

  265. i juSt hopE i cAn fiND thAt mAnga in pHiLipPiNEs…
    whATs tHA naMe of the maNGa pLEasE.. .
    pLEase sEnd iT to marza_026@yahoo.com


  266. i realy like the show i love the tewam of NATSUME and MIKAN

  267. ang ganda ganda sana pinakita sa tv ahhhhhhhhhhhh sobra

  268. hI! i lOvE aLiCe aCaDeMy! iS dA mAnGa oF aLiCe aCaDeMy iS aVaIlAbLe iN hErE,iN phIlIpPiNeS????? pLz rEpLy 2 mY eMaIl aDd oR fRiEnDstEr.

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    they really kissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope they also have this ep in anime….


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    i’m also angry why did they cut it…..

  275. wAtS tHe nAmE oF tHaT mAnGa? whErE cAn i fInD tHaT mAnGa iN pHilIpPiNeS? pLz eMaIl mE! rachelle_sm12@yahoo.com iS tHE mAnGa cAn oRdEr iN wEbSiTe? If tHeRE iS,pLz eMaIl mE aLsO tHe nAmE oF d SiTe!!!! pLz! i rEaLlY nEeD it! cUz 4 mE,iTs nOt eNoUgh tO wAtCh iT tO tV,cUz,iTs aLl cUt!

  276. hey guys,do you know where can i found the mangascan in
    english title???????

    pls contact bia11aulia@yahoo.co.id

  277. oh,and for your information,that scene was cut in the anime version.but,i think everyone is already know it.

  278. the kiss is cute…really. I think its ok for the kids.

  279. i really love this couple!!!really…..if they kissed thats great!

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    they been kkkiiiiisssseeeeddd!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why not is was so coooolll !!!!!!!!!

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  282. grabeh gandah ng alice acdemy…!!!!!!! kinikilig ako sa kanila!!!! biro mo?!!! nag resarch akoh!! sa google 10 y/o lang cla may kissing scene na kagad akalain mo yun!! pero okay lang kakilig naman eh!!! pogi talaga ni natsume aztig..!!!

  283. ang gandh talaga ng alice acdemy grabeh!!! kaka2wa talaga!! at kung cno man ang adick sa alice acdemy,,!!! add nyo lang ako sa y.m rodeliza_vanessa_cute!!!!!

  284. Wow,they really kissed,and I thought they didn’t kiss in the end!!!

  285. hope there will have a alice academy2 if have could you please send me an e-mail atmikansakura1@hotmail.com pretty please!!!

  286. on April 30, 2007 at 12:58 pm | Reply Alice Academy fan

    hi………..can anyone tell me where to buy the manga?i really want to read about it…….but i want it in english…haha….cause i dont know chinese………eventhough i am chinese
    pls someone pls tell me at siew_miin@hotmail.com this is my hotmail^^…thank you…i really LOVE Alice Academy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^
    please tell me the name or send it to me the story thank you

  287. if you want to red that chapter juz go to —

  288. http://www.xanga.com/i_love_natsume

    dis is the real website… sorry… the first was wrong

  289. http://community.livejournal.com/alice_gakuen/194917.html

    juz go to that site if you want to download the manga scans

  290. waaah!!!!! natsume-kun is absolutely kawaii!!!!!! his my ouji-sama!!!!! hi der filipino fellas!!! di ko akalain na marami rin palang filipino ang adik sa gakuen alice!!!!! i hope that alice academy will have a season 2!!!!! go, go!!

  291. whahaha…
    nice..! sorry.. but NATSUME HYUUGA is mine! whahaha.. totally cool!!

  292. oh men!! im a very big fan of alice academy since it was been in animax…………
    I love mikan esp. natsume hyuuga….
    i hope there will be a 2nd season of it like were wishing…
    i wish if there will be a 2nd season it will be more romantic but also comedy..

  293. Wow. I am surprised! Those 2 are a Kawwai (cute) couple!

  294. What the heck? zyr??? They’re just animes! They’re not REAL! But, 4 one way or another, I can’t agree or disagree with your opinion.

  295. What?!!?
    I love it…
    Fan 4ever..

  296. what!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just love them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i thought i caught a fever reading this!!!!
    plz…. if anyone found the manga in english tell me about it… better buy one for me n i will pay twice the price…
    Mikan & Natsume 4ever!!!!

  297. first things first you will never see them kiss in the anime, because japan has prohibited young kids kissing. so probably you will ony see them kiss in the manga. think it is in volume 10.

    but omst probably if they have a second seasin and they will all be in middle school. probably we can get to see them kiss already. ne?

    i can’ t wai t for the second season. geez…

  298. pLS. EpiSoDE 1 Again
    go MIkaN anD nAtSumE
    plS. seND me A CoPy
    I liVE in PHIL.
    THaNk U………………….

  299. wow……….
    oh i really love alice academy so much……..

    is it true that they were cousins…..

    because ill hate if its true

  300. on May 2, 2007 at 3:37 pm | Reply may baliton

    “ngano man gi pang cut ang mga anime sa tv”(“why those all the anime i watch is all been cut” out please give me some copy of alice academy here’s my youtube account “paine1” onegaishimas send me all the copy’)

    T_T T_T T_T

  301. huh????i love it!!!!
    sana ipakita sa abs un as in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  302. no way…i love it..they kiss…gosh!!im dying to watch that,,hope japan animated it or else..the war will begin..hehe..joke!!want some fire..

  303. please make the season 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and of course dont forget to add the kissing scene

  304. please do the second season!!!!!!!!!!

  305. so very nice
    what date that they kiss?

  306. mikan and natsume sitting on the tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g

  307. –shOcks!

    ..,thiS is amazing..,buT i am a biT diSapOintEd that it was nOt seEn On thE animE series but in anYways i lOve it..,hehe!–

  308. http://www.zpoo.com can found gakuen alice manga,but is chinese de

  309. where did you find this manga

  310. can u give me a site where i can read gakusen alice from start to finish in english…thanks

  311. hey, if anyone knows where i can find gakuen alice manga online (in english) please, please e-mail me priestess_of_d_moon@yahoo.com

    i’ve been searching the net but i still can’t find it…


  312. uhh……


    Natsume & Mikan kissed!!??

    hmm….i wish i could see it!!!


  313. sana may part 2 ung magdadalaga na c mikan para exciting…
    i like mikan promizzzzzzzzz…….c natsume dn…then i love u tsubasa…..hehehe

  314. alica academy is one of my favorite anime….hope theres a season 2 that mikan and natsumi will be teenagers…hehehe

  315. ouch! nsaktan meh don! NATSUME AND MIKAN hurt meh

  316. waaah! email me, for more websites of them!! I love em! saglipay@yahoo.com (nakakaadik cla!)

  317. tlga? omigosh..!! ang cUte nmn.. sayng wla xa s anime..hayy..

    hehehe i wud love to see that scene..

  318. oh my gush!! i really love mikan and natsume….theyre match ever…

  319. too bad it wasn’t shown in Anime damN!=( i want that scene to see in anime =( but i will try to buy some Manga hehe but i like animes than manga =( Natsume’s face are cute in anime but in Manga he’s not cute =( i like the stories in Manga than anime hehe =) amf hehehe

  320. i really love natsume and mikan!………..!!!!!!!!

  321. natsume and mikan forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. on May 5, 2007 at 6:02 pm | Reply may baliton

    onegaishimas what is the episode of the pic above the “kissing scene of natsumexmikan”

  323. hi!!!!! where did you research about mikan and natsume???? and the comics?????
    please!!!!!!!!!!! please…………..
    email me at:

    thanks so much!!!!!!!! =D

  324. Cool!!what manga nr. is it? wich chapter?!?

  325. Geez!!so it is really true!!!!but it is too bad that it isn’t in the Anime.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(( I have already seen all the episodes and IT IS HANGING! hope there would be a Second Season! Wherein Natsume would personally tell Mikan that he has a special feelings towrds Mikan.. Thank you for your information…by the way, is there any website for Gakuen Alice Manga??? I wonder there is.. manga is not a trend to our country.. maybe they would import some of it..so Manga fans/ or Japanese Anime fans could have..especially me!i would love to have the collections of it!!!

  326. oh my gosh!!! kinikilig ako,..


    i wish and i hope theres a part 2,..

    even season 2,..

    natsume,.. i love you,…

  327. hey..all g.a fans..for those who know or not this thingy natsume and mikan sleep together during mikans b-day..its new year…ja!and one more thing theres a new classmate named koizumi luna…her alice and natsume alice are the same…(fire)and she also like natsume,,and shes trying to get rid mikan..shes so mean…i dont like her..its up to you if you will believe me but i only read this…from love and hate,of tachibana higuchi

  328. elow ako ulit..sono tornato…me nkalimulatan akong ilagay ehh,,,natsume told something to me to make her shout her mouth..coz mikan wants to let go but natsume still holding her that night…he got annoyed coz ng mikan is to annoying he said to mikan,,”you…when tomorrow ends,i’ll give you back to ruka right away…”,,mikan was shocked..hehehe i saw the pics of that…its chapter 55

  329. nggeek..i wish i read all the comments before leaving my 2 comments..sorry for being such a stupid…i just want to help you guys with what ive read…sori guys,,nevermind wat i said to those two comments,,

  330. I hope its Mikan and Natsume forever!!!!!!!!!
    (and not Ruka or anyone else!)

  331. there WILL be a season 2 of alice academy/gakuen alice!^_^ a certified fanatic claimed in her friendster account that it would be shown this May on animax 😉 rejoice mikan*natsume fans!!!:D

  332. oh!!thatz great..i like that scene…i alwayz watch alice academy…i hope mikan @ natsume…will be together!!!haiiiiii!!!

  333. i hope i could see that episode…..i like their kissing scene in mangga..i hope theres aeason 2…
    san maging aila na nga ni natsume at mikan!!!!nakakakilig..

    email add: kimmy_girl08@yahoo.com

  334. i like that scene..huh? sana maging sila na ni natsume @ mikan…….si hope theres a season 2…….soon!!!!

  335. Oh comE on!!!

    thiS animE sureLy iS awsomE!!!

    NatsumE is mY number 1 cruSh ever!!!

  336. On the tree, Mikan and Natsume are still arguing about whether or not they kissed. Natsume was insisting that they did kiss, Mikan on the other hand was vehement that her lips landed on his teeth when Natsume suddenly grabbed Mikan by her collar and pressed his lips against hers.

    After a while, Natsume pulled back. “So that’s a kiss, I don’t see what’s the big deal about it,” he said before jumping off the tree leaving a very shocked Mikan.


  337. realy!??????????? oh! i must get a copy!!!!!!!!! sorry…. but you know, a teen realy can be SOOOOOOOOOOO desperate some times! especially ME!!!!!!!! wahaha haha!
    if some one knows where the manga is sold or where can i download it, plz! DO NOT HESITATE! I’LL DO DAT! WOW! SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

    send to nuyunnadhira@yahoo.com

  338. to_ the one who ask why ruka doesn’t like hotaru

    well! maybe it’s because mikan is more ditsy than hotaru!!
    and even though ruka is a little bit ‘gay’ he still will make a finer gentleman than natsume!!!!!!!! still, i ,love mikan x natsume…

  339. on May 7, 2007 at 6:55 pm | Reply jivesyl arcas

    gosh! they kissed!!!!!!!!!!
    i feel so in love!

    i cnt belive…
    i love this anime

  340. on May 7, 2007 at 6:56 pm | Reply jivesyl arcas

    i had a big crush on natsume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  341. on May 8, 2007 at 2:26 pm | Reply Kathy Minami

    At the first place,i really really love this anime because it’s romantic,dramatic sometimes and fantastic!!!….My favorite caracters are Mikan Sakura,Matsume Hyuuga,Ruka-pyon And Hotaru..I like Hotaru because she is a genious and sensitive girl while Ruka is cute and kind person and natsume is handsome and loves mikan so much while i like mikan because i’m seeing myself on her when i was just a kid…but wht is there are just 26 episodes butwhen i searched if there will be more episodes,there are..i wish it will be shown someday….

  342. waaa natsume and mikan are so cute together

  343. oooooooooooooooh i love this anime i’m soooooooo happy they kissed i really want to read the manga but i can’t find it in chapters 😦 soooo sad but if someone has and info on the manga contact me at my e-mail
    Spy_girl_superstar@hotmail.com if you get any info about the manga comming out in english not the anime the manga thanks and contact me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. well.. i was so shoked about that info…
    i realy love that anime!!! im drooling for it!!!!
    i think that they need to make an OVA.. or a continuation for
    gakuen alice…
    1. some fans didn`t see natsume and mikan kissing!!

    2.the other hidden alice of mikan
    3.her mother
    4.the fight between mr. narumi and reo…
    5.and because I DIDN`T SEE THE KISSING PART THAT WAS THE MOST…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pls.e-mail me.. if you found out that there is a continuation..

    arigato gozaimashita!!!!
    -ja mata nee-

  345. hi! just wanna ask? where do we buy manga magazine here in the philippines? and how many chapters are in that magazine/book? sorry for bugging but me and my sisters really are the big fan of that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. aku suka banget pas lihat gambar mereka lagi ciuman… sejak awal aku memang menjodohkan mikan dan natsume, aku nggak sabar deh ngelihat mereka dewasa…

    aku cuma agak kecewe dengan filmnya, karena endingnya nggak begitu bagus… tapi nggak apa-apa yang penting komiknya bagus ceritanya…

    aku menunggu kelanjutannya yang ceritanya lebih bagus lagi…

  347. Hey, does anyone know what is the publisher of GA manga in English? Tx! ^^v

  348. the alice academy is very nice..mikan and natsume are cute………

  349. ui ..
    pLs make the scene..
    its so great u know..
    most of the teenagers love it..
    pls do not be strict in showing the scene..
    most of us are waiting..

  350. pls………..
    can anyone give me the manga scans of
    gakuen alice…pretty pls..^.^ tnks

  351. wow so cute they really kiss

  352. really?? they kissed??!!! yaHoOOOoOO!!!!! can you tell me please were did you see the manga???.. or bought??.. please please,,.. i wanna see it too.. thanks for giving us the info!!!
    here’s my email .. hermione_bianca2000@yahoo.com.. please.. thank you so much!!

  353. man?!!!i felt so disappointed hearing that there were so many scene that was cut in alice academy..but i do want to read its manga..you know where i can find it?pls anyone?!!tell me!!i’m desperate!!here’s my e-mail:charmae94@yahoo.com arigato!

  354. kyahhh! i totally love that scene!

    natsume, ruka , and tsubasa are so kawaii~~

    oh, natsume and mikan looked so adorable in that scene, mikan’s so cute! natsume just go his cool meter way up!!


  355. they look so cute!

  356. acu,, mzta k nmn?!
    fan k ng alice uwahahahahaha,,

  357. i love you natsume…… come escape w/ me. marry me…….!!!!!!!!! i love youuuuuuu……….. marry me……

  358. they really kissed! that’s great! they were meant for each other. i wish nothing would ever break their love. but i wish itn was shown in the anime.

  359. yay…!!!!!!!!!!! They really kissed…!!! Natsume love Mikan Forever…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe.. i really loved this anime…!!!!!

  360. oh!!i rili love aliCe acaDemY!!i love d natsume-mikan tandem..goSh!!i want 2 watch dat scene..pleAse..im supEr addicted!!i love natsumE!!he is soOO cute!!his eyes.,his nOse.,hiS hair!!sO awesOme!!

  361. on May 12, 2007 at 12:41 am | Reply malipongkaman

    reallY..thank God..hehe

  362. 2008 toyota yaris

    ha-rd-po-rn-fu-ck 1449964 Advantages of 2008 toyota yaris.

  363. ca i ask where i can
    buy the gakuen alice

  364. grabe sana ako na lang ang hinalikan ni natsume

    LOVE KO SI NATSUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVER

  365. hi!!!!!hello!!!alice academy is a super nice story in the world…………… we love mikan sakura, natsumi hyuuga and the other casts………… i hope there is a second season…… mikan is a beautiful girl and natsumi is a beautiful guy and also ruca mr. narumi tsubasa reo and others…………………

  366. hi!!!can i ask wer i can buy or watch the gakuen alice manga?

    kainis naman s dami dmi ng icacut un pah..jejeje..wawa nman me d me man lng un kita sana ako n lng c mikan sakura jejeje

  367. hi!!! nashock me nung mlman me my nangyari p lng gnyan sa alice academy nkakains naman..sna ako n lng ang nkahalikan ni natsume kc i love him so much…mmmmmmmuuuuuuaaaaahhhh

  368. ahhhhhhahhhhhh ah………….!!!!!!!!!!!its so sweet but too bad coz it cant be seen in d anime i mean in television and u dont going to read this.and there is one more thing d ending is very sad.

  369. some said that there is gakuen alice season 2…
    i want to confirmed it…. if that is true???????????…
    they said that it was released in japan…

    japanese people is that true or not????????????…. please tell me.. pls….

  370. hEi!!!
    cAn u pLeAsE tElL mE whErE cAn i buy gakUen aLicE mangA??

    i riLi lyk gAkuEn aLicE!!!!

    sAyAng!!! unG pArt nAh un pAh anG cinUt!!!!
    kUnG keLan mAi luv scEnE!!! hAhA!!!

    pLz, emaiL mE bAck on wEr i cAn buy thE manga…

    pLz anD thanK u!!!


  371. oh my gosh this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really wanna see it in anime so much!!!!

    and natsume is so hott!!!!!!

    hes so like mean sometiomes but i like boys that way!!!he is such a hotty hes mine!!!…and mikan’s lol

  372. wow ka kilig naman sayang nga lang kasi hindi naging anime gustong gusto ko pa naman yoooon!!!! hoping may part 2 at mas romantic pa ang story nila sa susunod na part!!!!

  373. akin lang si natsumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    i loe him very muchhhhh. sana may taong kasing guwapo nya!!!!!
    san ba puedeng mapanood ang alice academy na sa cd? pls tell me para makita ko si natsume may love!!!!

  374. pls. tell me where i can buy that cd because i cannot watch tv during morning so i miss some parts… plssssssss.
    forgive meeeeeee
    i really like natsume so pls tell me where i can buy the cd of alice academy

  375. grabe paborito ko rin talaga ang alice academy. nakakakilig !!!talaga bigla ko tuloy naalala ang meteor garden kasi naman si Mikan parang si Sanchai (energetic) tapos si Ruka parang si Lei (he’s kind ), at si Natsume para talaga siyang si Daumingzu

  376. . . HelOw!! . .

    YoUr So CuTe

    I lIkE yOu So MuCh

    I wIsH i WiLl sEe YoU

    . . LuVyAhH!!!!!! . .

  377. waaaaaaaaHHH!!!!!!!!.,mikan and natsume is my fav. love team in anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………,

  378. reli!!!!!?
    gosh!!they kissed!!!!!
    i rely lve dem espcially NATSUME!!!

  379. ha??!!they’re cute together!!

  380. wowee!

  381. it’s very cul wen MIKAN and NATSUME kissed {DON’T DO THIS, OK?}FOR THE CHILDREN

    didn’t you know that NATSUME is my no.1 crush and this is my message 2 u, MIKAN and NATSUME,yor still yang and i’m so happy that u culd make it this far!!!!!!!!!!


    and if u hab some more,i mean more! pictures of gakuen alice,please put it in my documents


  382. x3 OMFG i totaly wanna see the MANGA tell me where i can find it!!

  383. on May 15, 2007 at 1:39 pm | Reply coolestpersonever

    wow! cool! i thougth so that mikan would end up with natsume. though ruka is cuter than natsume…oh how cute is ruka. well, where can we buy this manga??? oh pls…pls…pls…tell!!! thank you

  384. hey! we did not kiss!

  385. Why they did’nt show the kissing scene?!!!!! That would be a miracle if it happen!!! I luv you papa Nats and Papa Ruks!!! muahhh…………

  386. where i can get the manga???and what’s the tittle…plz tell me…plz…

  387. I knew it!!!!
    uh… too bad i don’t have the manga…
    is it true that they kissed serveral times?

  388. I don’t Know that Mikan and I have Kissed Who said that? i”ll burn who said that!!!! Joke actually me and Mikan kissed right mikan actually my real name was Hyuuga Natsume alice of fire actually we were getting married oooppssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! nabuking nang aking friend na nagkukunyari lang ako All that I’ve said on the first is all false I love them very much that’s why I’ve been searching them in the Internet how pretty pair how cute pai they are I love them very very much That’s all they are ood not only in Animation but also in story itself Thank you very much Arigato gaosamaisu! Gomen nasai !!! thank you ulit Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll Burn all of you Joke!!!! don’t be sireous!!!

  389. alice academy roCkz….

    the no.1 aniMe eVer….weeee…..gow

    i luv nAtsume hYuuga, ruka nogi and mikan sakura……;o)

    cutie pair eVer….

  390. on May 17, 2007 at 11:37 am | Reply Anime Addict

    aww…that’s soo cute i wish i was mikan!!!
    um..???i got a big question where can i find or Gakuen alice comics that’s translated in english bcoz me, my sister’s, my cousin’s and friend are soo addicted in anime especially naruto and gakun alice. And we’ve been trying to find gakuen alice(translated in english) everywhere pls. I’m also gonna share

    If you want to watch the “Mikan&Natsumei”love team just watch in youtube OK!!!

  391. Is there a season two in ABS-CBN???

    Please reply!!!

  392. owss totoo ba yan?

  393. Pfft… Bagay cla???

  394. Sana ipakita yun sa tv!!!!

  395. Sobra na talga hindi ko na ma-reach… I’m so happy that Natsumi kissed Mikan… Dahil doon tutok talaga ako sa alice academy… susubaybayan ko talaga ito….

  396. haaaaiiiii…….
    grabe…..i love mikan and natsume….
    un p naman inaabangan ko
    sana ipalabas un….
    bagay na bagay clang 2!!!!!!!!

  397. I really love natsum e and mikan!!

  398. wahhhh! you guys are correct!
    when it comes to animax they always cut off the scene!
    but! is this scene has been animated or not?!
    or it has been animated but been cut off?!

  399. You’re correct there HANNA. No one can tell only the creator knows!!!

  400. plz anyone tell me were i can read or scan or get alice manga im so in love with it .any information plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me .


  401. sana ipalabas ung season 2 ng alice academy………..bgay cla mikan at natsume……

  402. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  403. waa kawaii where is the manga though? i dun seem to find it even though its in the link aww pls anywhere?

  404. !!!OKAY!!!

    ..meron na bang seaon 2 ng Gakuen Alice??..

    nakakainis kasi ang ABS…unulit nanaman….humpp..

  405. hahaha..don’t worry hotaro..(?) that’s the last ep of gakuen alice eh..XD sad isn’t it? T.T but try reading it in manga..^^ it rockz!!


  406. I got the scans for this chapter.
    But it seems you have to download about half manga.
    Try this link http://community.livejournal.com/alice_gakuen/194917.html
    Pick the volume 9 part b.
    It’s in Japanese though.

  407. Can u please let them show it in Anime causeIlove the pics and the story.

  408. please go to http://www.sharzzrahs.blogspot.com/ read more about gakuen alice it’s has all the chapter over there^^

  409. hey if u can tell me where u buy the alice gakuen in english comic book because i search all over the internet but didn’t found it , please sent it to my email thanks (olivialouda@yahoo.com)

  410. ow!!! i really lov gakuen academe!! i wish i can also buy a book! like mirmo!

  411. the series is a bit disappointing now that I know that Mikan and Natrsume kissed in the manga. I really love their pairing! That’s just so kawaii! Too bad, I don’t have a copy of the manga…

  412. how nice!can i have some suggestion?i live in philippines and when i first watch that(alice academy) i know that its until the end,well,i am 11 years lod only and i am addict in that show,so please i request that Alce Academy have many season and i want to watch that story 100times especially that kissing scene of mikan and natsumi,so please!!!!!!for they have more fans here in the philippines and become a most favorite!

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  416. hey guys!!! i finaLLy found a websyt wherein you can read gakuen aLice scanLations onLine…


    hope you enjoy…

    * it’s onLy 18 chappies for now…

  417. ei.. LittLemikan… their scanLations at that bLog is japanese… do you have any other source wherein there are EngLish ones…

    i just started studying nihongo…


  418. Sana may season 2,at sana makita ko sa tv…!!!

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  420. on May 22, 2007 at 4:45 pm | Reply hAnNa jIn_ash09

    yEah…im addicted to alice academy…wHoOo…i love it sooo mucH…bUt abs cbn suCks..(tv network in PhIlippines)..they translated gakuen academy in tagalog..and the voice suckz…

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  422. you can get the english manga scanlations up to chapter 18 at http://onemanga.com/Gakuen_Alice/

  423. Did they really kiss!!


    Sabi ko na nga eh mangyayari din yun!!!!

    Bagay na bagay sila !!!!!

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    oi… i’m a gakuen alice addict but i live in the philippines and some scenes were cut. can you please tell me where to get the manga series in the phil.? thanks very much!

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    um… if you want fanfics about gakuen alice I have a really as in really good site, here it is!!! if you have plz. share!!! tell me where I can find a manga in the philippines!!! huhuhu… i am super sad currently…


  427. u know i have real hots for alice academy as specialy natsume the black cat and mikan the strawberry girl they really rock and if you get any hot information about the anime world plz mail on cherryblossom_yatu@yahoo.com.plz i am a big…….fan of anime ……………….

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    i hope season 2 comes out early..!!


  429. shoot!
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  430. i knew that natsume and mikan kiss in manga it was their christmas party nacra ni yochan ung teddy bear nya nkta cia ni mikan cb nya cua na daw ang bahala knausap nya c mr. bear na cia daw muna ang bahala kay yochan tapos non kinis ni yochan c mikan at c ruka sa pisngi nakipagsayaw c natsume kay mikan naalala ni mikan na hinalikan cia ni ruka nadulas cia nalapad ang labi nya kay natsume nagulat nga ang lahat ng makita un eh sabi ng isa nilang kaklase ay nagkiss cla mikan at natsume sabi ni mikan ay d daw umakyat ng puno c mikan at d nya alam na nandon pala c natsume sabi ni natsume nagkiss tayo knina sabi ni mikan hindi tayo nagkiss nagtatalo cla ng biglang hinila ni natsume ung damit ni mikan at kiniss nya i2 sabi nya oh..ayan nagkiss na tayo nagulat nga c mikan eh

    nabasa ko to sa manga…

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    pleas tell me…heres my emaile adress….


    thanks much mkuch!

    love alice academy su much!!!!

    natsume 4 evah!

  433. on May 24, 2007 at 11:21 am | Reply red handed jill

    char lang!!! mabubuang ako!!! how i wish it would be animated!!! are the alice academy manga for sale here in the Philippines?

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    debra sa.an mo ba nabili ung manga mo??? nakakainggit ka naman. paki post naman oh! taga philippines kaba?

  435. bakit ganun!! haiZZZZZZZZ sana mapanOod ko yun!! cge!! where i can buy a boOk of ALICE ACADEMY!!! manga ba yun!! replY hah!! and plssss. add me in your friendster
    aDD me hah!! ty………

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    How many eps does it really have? I don’t have any lovelife of my own and sadly enough, anime love stories are what I base my dreams on! Give me love! Peachy,peachy. Ai wo sagashiteiru! Wow…

  438. on May 24, 2007 at 11:32 pm | Reply Misako Inoue

    WHAT ! how cool ! i like it ..i hope its one anime too .. dear nhk channel pls make a gakuen alice season 2 …T_T i want mikan and natsume to be together !

  439. on May 24, 2007 at 11:33 pm | Reply Misako Inoue

    WHAT ! how cool ! i like it ..i hope its one anime too ..whaha i like it ….it’s cool ….how cute ..mikan was so shocked ..hehe

  440. on May 24, 2007 at 11:39 pm | Reply Misako Inoue

    hey .. are you from the philippines ? i would like to ask .. where did you buy the manga series of gakuen alice .. ? i would like my bestfriend to buy it on japan but some says that there is manga series here in the philippines ..

  441. alam niyo bagay cla pero wag kau ma-offend sa sasabihin ko sa inyo… ayoko kay natsume… gwapo sya pero ang sama niya kay mikan eh!!!… Wag kau magalit ha!!! hehehe… Sorry… sa mga nasaktan… Don’t be mad… ngaun palang mag aapologize na ako… sa mikan naman din kc parang luki kc kung anu ano sya eh………………………………………………………………………………….. SORRY TO ALL na nasaktan =)…………………………………………..

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  451. Anju
    I Love Mikan and Natsume Ilike theirkiss wish i could get some more pictures on thier kisses

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    i will wait for your answer…tnx!..hope that i will recieve some answer from you guyz..tnx again..

  458. Hehehe… oo nga ganun, but iba parin yung gwapong mabait kaysa gwapo nga, chaka naman… hehehe :)… Kung may friendster kau add nyo naman ako oh…. thanks sa lahat ng nag ad… 🙂

  459. Ang chaka nila… ang panget ni mikan… Jokes lang naman… parang tanga lang sya… hehehe!!! 🙂

  460. Sana may cd nun… bibili tlga aq!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  461. ei.where can i find the manga series with english subs on it?merun ba sa philippines? please email:) cala_pringles@yahoo.com

  462. This were the blog where you can find some manga scanlations with english summary. From chapter 1-80


    This may help you!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah!!! Lupit talaga pag pinoy ka!!!!!!!
    Pasensya! PROUD PINOY LANG PO!!!!!!!

  464. on May 29, 2007 at 10:08 am | Reply stargazer105

    hey!! ^_^

    that was sooo… waaah!!! KAWAIII!!!

    anyway, do you know where I can get the manga here in the Philippines? or in the net??

    thanks sooo much!!!! :))

  465. hi………. alam nyo .matagal ko

    ng gusto ang alice academy

    email roxanne_pagayon@yahoo.com

    love you mikan&nutsumi

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    me some copy of that…. huuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  467. i really love to watch alice academy
    pls post many picture of mikan and natsume^_^_^_^_^_^^_^

  468. hi…i really love this series…cn someone tell me wer can i buy the manga here in phil. or cn someone please give me copy???pls..pls…pls… thanks a bunch and in advance here’s my yahoomail:

  469. yea in the manga. they kissed n they ‘slept’ together too cuz they were stuck together n natsume hugged her!!!

  470. i cant wait for the season 2 came out!!

  471. HUh!!!

    IS THAT TRUE? !!!

    I canT BeLievE!!!
    Pls. COotinue WAtChing ALICE ACADEMY!!!
    IT’s So MuCh Fun!!!

    ThatZ ALL! ThAnks

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    Natsume and Mikan kissed,by……..the way,I still love Natsume kissed Mikan.

  474. Please im dying to find that manga magzine.. can someone please send me an e mail on how to find that manga with the english subtitles…. please, please someone tell me a dozen answers.. someone with a kind heart e mail at jhelet3394@yahoo.com.ph

  475. evryone,, anyone please im begging you.. my dad said na he will buy me the complete set in japan but i dont wanna bother him just beacause of my hobby.. could there be some available here in the philippines??

    by the way i cant beleive that they actually kissed wow!!!!!!!!!!! HOw touching..

  476. to anyone who knows whether there is really gakuen alice anime season 2 ongoing on japan, could you pls confirm it here..i’m badly addicted with this manga/anime..

    and does anyone know how to confirm the season 2 thing?..

    tnx a lot..

  477. OMG!!!is that true???sna may season 2 na!!!
    kc nman bitin ung season 1 ehh!!!
    tell me kung may season 2 n ha….
    gosh!im a BIG BIG fan of gakuen alice!!!

  478. GOZH..!!!.. wHerE cAn i bUy gAkUen aLiCe mAnGA hErE iN tHe phiLippiNes?.. pLz hELp mE.. Im an aVid FAn of GaKuEn aLiCe.. iM rEaLLy cRazY over thAt mAngA.. nAtsUmE hYuUga.. OMG..!!! hHEhe.. im dEsPeRatE.. hHEhe.. pLz dO hELp mEh.. HEHhe.. hEhHe.. fOr tHoSe who wAnt tO rEad tHe sUMmary oF sAm fEw cHapTers oF thE mAnga.. hErEs dhE’ LiNk.. http://www.freewebs.com/aminatsu032/gakuenalice.htm.. eiztz.. i bEg yOu.. pLz hELp mE.. wHerE can i bUy gAkUEn aLiCe mAngA.. hEHEh.. tNx..

  479. -,really they kissed?! i wish i can see them in anime…

  480. -,god..i wish i can buy gakuen alice manga here in the phils…
    i really like mikan and natsume…..also the animal handler ruka nogi…..

  481. Its so bad that there are bad chances that they won’t show in the anime series when they kissed I really really want to see that I hope season 2 comes already I even once woke up three am in the morning to get to watch it (actually I just got bored)

  482. I knew it!!!

    Even though they didn’t show that scene…
    I can tell that Natsume is falling for Mikan..hehhehe
    and also Mikan but she didn’t noticed it….remember
    in episode 20 before the last dance? watch it again and watch carefully after Natsume mentioned Mikans Name for the first time……

  483. mikan is soverry cute and natsume is handsam…….

  484. alike thim………………………

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  487. wow,is that true? i cant believe it………………………………

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    i really luv dis couple!! they are gud 2geder!!

    can anybody tell me too where i cn fnd gakuen alice mangga in english??

    pls email me atlazy_drowsy@yahoo.co.in

  489. I love this couple… This couple is very cute!!

  490. What????Mikan n Natsume kissed????OMG,i can’t believe it!It’s really cool!Luv that couple very much…

  491. Does anybody has Gakuen Alice manga english scanlations? Please email me in michellechee_92@hotmail.com. Thanks!

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  493. ooooooooh myyyyyyy god!!!

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  495. I can’t believe!!!IT awful!!!Please email me in hotgirl_1422007!thank.

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    how can i watgh now!!!!

    i hate japanese!!!!

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  498. umm can ne1 give me the site 2 the scans in ENGLISH plz plz ive been lookin 4 3 days i mean waaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol well plz reply n is the manga out in ENGLISH plz plz ty xxx

  499. oh gosh…they kissed?????

    sna pnkita

  500. oh!….really, they both kiss!!! Wow! thats quite a big revelation to me………

    Can anyone e-mail me in sparkling_blue143@yahoo.com and tell me more about what happen between mikan and natsume……..

    I’m really,really looking forward to it please…please…please….


    And by the way can someone tell me where I can buy the manga about the gakuen alice send an e-mail to sparkling_blue143@yahoo.com……………

    I will appreciate them very,very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    is there a bookstore here in cebu where i can found and buy it……………

    Please tell me!!!!!!!!!!

    Im really,really hook with gakuen alice!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m looking forward to somebody who can tell me and send me an e-mail in sparkling_blue143@yahoo.com…………..

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  503. oi enroll n kau!mlpit ng mtpoz ang enrollmnt s alice acedemy!bsta s special typev aq!geh kta kitz n lng dun!

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  505. tsK3…
    im s0w EcIted to WatCh naTsume and miKan


    i boUght a d.v.d of it..
    but UN4TUNATELY!!!
    there’s no kiSSng sCene….

  506. uhmm… it wouldn’t be really fair if they won’t animate the kissing scene!!!!!!! everybody is looking forward to it (well not everybody i guess…)i mean it does not do any harm if they will animate it and i heard of rumors that the author are still thinking if they will animate the season 2 of gakuen alice because it doesn’t sell much WELL they must think of other people who loves or likes this anime that are living in another country

  507. i am sarah.
    i really like alice academy so i had always liked to read about it so if you know where i could read the whole story plz plz….send me a mail about it .my ID is girlangel_sarah@yahoo.com

  508. what episode did they kiss? and is it true i cant belive it i mean what? im sureprised…………

  509. wala pa bang chapter 81??

  510. could you send me the manga pease if you could that would be great my email is kemcat16@hotmail.com

  511. >>yeah! kiligness!

  512. masyado naman kasi strict ang media eh! para namang yung movies, hindi bastos! (im being sarcastic so that means im telling that madaming movies ang bastos these days.)

  513. Wow! I absolutely adore Gakuen Alice. I already finished the anime, I was wondering where that cut-out scene in the top menu came from, then I realized that it was from the manga! I don’t think their selling it here in our country, so please tell me were I can read it!! I hope that it doesn’t have viruses though, our computer just got re-formatted!

  514. on June 7, 2007 at 1:32 pm | Reply CAriSsa LOuisE

    whatta !!! i looked everywhere for that part of the story in the anime…!!! i thought animax would air it on tv !!

    man…thanx anyway for putting it on the page !!!

    geeZZz..i really luv both of them..they just seem too compatible and …uuhhhh!!!

    i love how they deny and insist on things…!!! hahaha…

    nice .. ^_^

    go mikan and natsume !! ;D

  515. (*o*) they realyy did kissed!!!!

  516. owww….!!! i wish i could watch it but on june 12 i have now a class…. owww im so sad i wish i could watch it !!!!

  517. i wish i could watch it on channel 2 !!!!!

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  519. plzz give me some pictures of mikanxnatsume plzzz…… i beg you!=)

  520. i didnt know that my bestfriend is an alice acdemy fan she lied to me she said she dont like alice acdemy but i know everybody could not resist alice acdemy specially the kissing scene guess what? after the kissing scene part i saw a cute little doll of mikan! i saw it in the store not in the tv show and it was so cool+cute

  521. i wish the manag was out in engish! I want to read it so badly. If anyone knows where to read the manga or has any update that the manga plz mail me at nidhihanji@yahoo.co.in plzzzzzzzzzzzz i so wanna know.

  522. I say that it’s not that bad to show on animes.
    I guess it would be more exciting! I just hope there is
    a season two for the show.

  523. please send me also a site where I can read the manga Gakues alice and also other manga.. here is my eamil address ako_ang_tagapagtanngol@yahoo.com

  524. konnichiwa!!!actually im frm philippines and i jz cant help myself beeing hooked-up wth japanese animation.i rily luv alice academy but 2 bad allota scenes in manga r cutout!i wana read d manga but i dnt think we hav it here in d phil.gosh im jz far too eager to watch d full episodes of it!!i also love bleach!i wish sum1 wud create a website for certified otaku’s all around d globe…il b glad to join!!f ever der s plzz inform me and email me at jam_152ph@yahoo.com…arigato gozaimasu!!!

  525. can is Ruka really confessed his feelings for Mikan?

    And did Ruka and Natsume have this fighting thing over Mikan???

    oh what a story about that KISS factor!!!!! my classmate always think about the season 2 of Gakuen Alice….

    SUTEKI!!!! (wonderful!!!)



  526. damn….i really want to see that episode……wat number is it………plz tell me….

  527. Cool!!!!!!!!I’ve never expected that!Natsume seemed put no care to Mikan,and finally he did that!!!!OMG!!!!I really luv that couple

  528. where can buy manga comic book of alice academy this episode?pls………

  529. san ko yun mabili pls tell me..send noy lang sa akin sa friendster e2 email ko tines33@yahoo.com..

  530. wow!!! i hope that i could see it in anime
    i really love it!!!!
    natsume and mikan……
    it will rock myy whole world!!!!

  531. waaaaah…………..

    i really really really like alice academy!!!!

    lalong lalo na si natsumi and mikan…


  532. is there manga in english pls pls pls pls is there one!?


  533. i really love alice academy(gakuen alice)…. i love mikan and natsume… mikan and natsume are perfect couple… hehehe… (“,)

  534. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *sniff sniff* what is the manga for THIS! i must play computer for only 10 min. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS I NEED IT…………………………………………………Sorry for freakin out but please just tell me please and thak you ^_^.

  535. hello its me again sorry if a didnt reply for a while and sorry for freakin out latiely now can you please tell me what manga is this please hurry up before i FREAK OUT AGAIN *covers mouth* sorry i did it again just please tell me. OH NO! 10 min. is already over *sniff sniff*T_T……

  536. hello its me again sorry if a didnt reply for a while and sorry for freakin out latiely now can you please tell me what manga is this please hurry up before i FREAK OUT AGAIN *covers mouth* sorry i did it again just please tell me. OH NO! 10 min. is already over *sniff sniff*T_T……



  539. uuuuu…..guys please stop fighting it really makes me ill.

  540. uuuuu…..guys please stop fighting it really makes me sick.


  542. BAKA she didnt know your name!

  543. actually Iris-Chan I am a boy.

  544. Sorry (whatever your name is).

  545. wow!!!!that was………totaly cool………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they really kiss!!!!but someone told me as well that ruka and mikan kissed as well………..but natsume and mikan is better then ruka and mikan right???haha……..but it will be better if we can see it in the anime……

  546. Oh Kevin I thought you are only allowed to use computer fo 10 minutes.

  547. I am outa here!

  548. you new here?

  549. yup… you seem new too…

  550. HEY!!! how the heck did you know?!

  551. *smirks* secret….

  552. *gulp* ummm…tamara-chan…

  553. i’m gonna go now… I… I…. I need to play audition now… Ja ne! *runs for her life*

  554. can any1 tell me where can I find gakuen alice manga scan ch.41 onwards??

    I need it in English..
    I’ve already read in books ’til volume 5 and I read ch. 29-40 in http://www.onemanga.com
    But seems like they don’t hav ch. 41 onwards..

    Pliz tell me,, I’ve been searchin’ everywhere but I couldn’t find it.. T.T

    If u know d website or maybe hav them,, could u pliz send it 2 chuey_k_r@hotmail.com


  555. OMG! I just only watching in anime. but, i never seen they kiss!
    Where can i download the manga?

  556. Hi there!

    Alice Academy Totally ROCKS!!!

    Sana naman ipalabas dun sa anime ung pagkiss nila gusto ko poh kasi talaga makita yun…
    binabasa ko pa nga lang eh kinikilig na ako eh,hehe…

  557. really?!mikan and ruka also kissed?!!!

    i hope that’s true…

    natsume becomes cuter when he gets jelous of mikan and ruka…hehe..

  558. can anyone tell me what happened in the last episode of gakuen alice in season 1?did they ended close to each other?
    pls pls pls pls pls pls pls tell me pls!tell me!

  559. and by the way what is the job of that personawho keeps on giving missions and orders to natsume and natsume would somtimes hide or run away from him? is that persona and the whole personel in the alice academyHAD THE INTENSIONS TO USE THE STUDENTSTO DO THEIR DIRTY WORKS? PLS PLS PLS PLS LEAVE A REPLY HERE PLS!




  563. Hello, I’m a great fan of Alice Academy. Please, I want to find the mangas in English. Iwould love to have friends on net and am willing to share about some animes like- Inu Yasha, Fushigi Yuugi, etc.
    My e-mail id is: divya_garg26@rediffmail.com

    p.s. Please contact me, Good-bye!

  564. Hey, its me again. I looked at the no. of messages here. Wonder when my chance will come. Anyway, please tell me how to download the Gakuen Alice Mangas (eng.) for free.

    p.s. I like readind bks. a lot.

  565. reading

  566. hello im new on this site, so then do you people chat here everyday then?

  567. Oh!! I wanted to buy that book then.. waahh!! I can’t wait now, I really wanted to read it..

    Every time I watched it on t.v., I had always dreamt that they’ll kiss, and they really did but only in manga not on anime. It’ll be more fun if the characters are moving.. But still, Im super happy that they KISSED!!!.. You know Im a die hard fan of this two…

  568. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! hope to see it in the further episodes(wish there will be!!!)

  569. hello…its me again…is there really season 2 in alice academy?

  570. HELLER!

  571. Ruka DID kiss Mikan, but not directly in the lips, I think. I can’t find chapter 41 either ;-; It’s a bit confusing, since the last few chapters I read wasn’t really readable…just saw the images. And that Luna-girl from chapter 78 is such an evil hag! Taking Natsume away from Mikan…so horrible! -sniff- And in a way, it seemed to me that Mikan was jealous of Luna having Natsume all to herself; reminds me slightly of Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club…

    Did you guys also noticed that Mikan is eerily similar to Sana from Kodocha (their personality) and Natsume as Akito?? xDDD

  572. Sorry, I’m a GA (Gakuen Alice) fang =33 And I also root for NatsumeXMikan! XDDD

  573. My bad, I meant fan, not fang O.O

  574. really!? they kissed? this makes me more interested in ALICE ACADEMY!!!

  575. i hope there so many kissing pictures of gakuen alice i hope so!!!!!!!!!

  576. wellllllll~~~~~ itz pretty cool tht they kiss i wish the sence int cut plz plz plz pretty plz

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    laila : you admitted it
    hotaru : and i just got it on tape
    laila: now for the lovebirds
    natsume:go away baka
    natsume:ichigo kara
    mikan: jerk
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    Anyway, yeah, Luna-chan is a fag…

    Dear lord, I want to kill her!

    On happier note, Natsume, VERY INDIRECTLY, admitted his love for Mikan. (Chapter 84) Too bad she couldn’t catch up with him afterwards…stupid sneezing person…


    Go there for chapter summaries

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    It’s true that you can read GA manga at http://www.onemanga.com. But for some reason you can’t read it and it says:~
    Notice: Because Tokyopop has requested that we remove Gakuen Alice from our site, all chapters have been removed until further notice. We’re trying to see if we can put it back up, but for now no Gakuen Alice >__<“.

  867. Khaos-chan? ARE you from faniction?
    well in anycase,I REALLY HATE THAT LUNA GIRL!

  868. sure??? they kissed?? were could i get a copy?? please tell me…. dozo…. dozo…. dozo………

  869. can u please tell me where u can read the manga in english?
    my email is : hedwig572001@msn.com
    thank you so much

  870. neh…could you possibly give me some sites that will have the manga scanulations in english?

  871. is that true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well if it is ,

    how sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go mikanatsume love team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  872. Oh my god i cannot believe that they kiss 4 times.I am such a big fan of alice academy i just bought the dvd on 8 december 2007 and i was shocked .MY SISTER AND I WAS SHOKED when we know there are so many fan

  873. elOOOOO minNa-san!!!!!i wasn’t able 2 write a comment this past few months coz i was toooooo engrossed with reading fanfictions…
    and it was all about gakuen alice….the authors really have wide imaginations…
    if u try reading some, u’ll get addicted…hehe..i was just telling the truth…
    anyway, do you know the first time natsume hugged natsume????well, if u do, plsss. send it to kesha_alcantara@yahoo.com

    honestly speaking, i know and i saw how natsume hugged mikan..but i’m just not sure if that really happened coz it only appears only as a picture..

    i just want 2 know if u know what happened next, coz by the time natsume hugged mikan, he was wearing a mask..he also looked really cute with his attire that time..

    hehe…i think he was wearing a p.e uniform..bustah!all i can say, he was completely in love with mikan coz he hugged her soooooooooooooooo tight as in he never wanted to let go..i think you can find it in the manga…

    that’s it for know minna-san!!!i’ll keep on updating about the latest eventS in the Gakuen Alice….Ja ne!!!

    oh and by the way, i hope those who read my first comment, u didnt get offended…it was my sister who wrote that review..she just used my name..GOMENASAI to those whom i have offended…I DIDN’T MEAN THAT..

  874. HELLO MINNA-SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just want you to know that i have another latest news…after i read the part where mikan’s mother transformed into luna as in LUNA KOIZUMI, i held a grudge over her..I REALLY HATE HER TO THE BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    arghhh!!she was trying to steal natsume from mikan…she’s such a &$%^46+8!!!hehe..but i’m also glad there’s a person who cared for mikan…he’s so cute and handsome and smart and he LOVES mikan!!

    i won’t say the name coz i forgot some part of his name..hehe..i have a memory gap..anyways, he has a somewhat silver-gray hair and he wears a eyeglasses..it was fun knowing how natsume instantly got jealous….as in,..he often galres to him when mikna’s not around..some say,”if only stares/looks can kill, he’s dead by now”..

    i just want you to know what i have discovered aftyer doing some gakuen alice researches…

    that’s it for now..JA ne!!

  875. Wher can i find the books?



  877. PPL that r wanting to read Gakuen alice can be read online on http://www.onemanga.com

  878. P.S the part where they kiss is on part 49

  879. eloW mInNa-san!!!!

    8s me again…i heArd a rUmor thaT gakUen alice, sEason 2 is now showing thiS suMmer..i’M just not sure if It’s true..dO u thiNk it’s True??????

    wel, it’s Up2 us 2 figure it out..i Was jusT hopIng that It will happen

    JA NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  880. they kiss O.M.G that is so cute!!!

  881. Okay just want to say in chapter 50 natsume kisses mikan (they also have a wierd tooth to lip kiss in chapter 49), but don’t forget ruka kissed mikan in chapter 48 and she seemed to like it.

    [chapter 48 lip to tooth kiss]
    Anyway true it’s at the christmas party/dance, but they weren’t outside. Because after ruka kissed mikan at the party outside he felt a little guilty cause of natsume. (you can so tell they both know that the one others feelings for mikan are the same) So to make it so natsume wouldn’t feel left out and ruka could feel better ruka told natsume and mikan to dance together and left so they couldn’t deny. then suddenly natsume grabs mikan and they start to dance, it’s very quite the most of the time. Then natsume thinks back to the last dance where mikan and ruka were dancing and how happy they were, while mikan’s thinking how wierd this situation is. But after a while they start to argue, calling each other names and what not but the ice is broken. Then out of no where another couple bumps into them, so mikan ends up on top of natsume where her tooth hits his lip causing him to bleed a bit. They stay in that position for a few seconds shocked while everyone is staring.Then they suddenly seperate, after that natsume whipes the blood off his lip and says out loud “your not just a lousy dancer you’re also lousy at kissing, don’t use your teeth to kiss too.” Embarassed mikan then tries to get everyone to understand what happens while natsume walks away. (also the guys weren’t congradulating him but more like saying “natsume is really mature” among themselves. [Now that is there lip to tooth kiss in chapter 49]

    [chapter 50 the real kiss]
    Now after explaining to all her friends(not to all the other people who saw)she starts to have fun at the dance.(don’t forget if you read this you know the ledgend of the masks. that they must dance with the mask on and if it falls off while dancing you will lose something important to you)Well after mikan was done dancing with another person she bumps into someone who she can’t tell who they are cause of the mask. he asks her to dance and after dancing with him for a few seconds she asks him “you must be in the elementry section too” but as soon as that was said her stops suddenly and knocks off mikan’s mask surprised and not even thinking about the ledgend he picks up her mask and says be carful not to lose something dear to you. then lifts up his mask revealing that he was the elementry school principle and walks away mikan was surprised. About to walk away but sees none of her friends anywhere so she decides she would look for them from the tree. she climbs up the tree to be astonished that natsume was sitting there. she sits down next to him and blows her nose, he replies by saying not feminin. but she didn’t care and she starts to say “it your fault for believing that jinx, if the wind blew off everyones mask would everyone in this room be jinxed.” then natsume tells her that she was so stupid{for basically believing that. mikan starts to think, natsume will always make me angry always but for some reason he can always make me forget my worries. mikan starts to laugh, while natsume says “weren’t you just mad at me.”
    mikan replies “i am very mad at you, because in public you said we were kissed.”
    there was a wierd silence while natsume looked at mikan.
    then natsume asks “is there anything happening between you and ruka?”
    mikan replies “What… what are you talking about…”
    “say it,” natsume tells mikan.
    “…nothing happened…even if something did happen it’s none of your business,… thats btween me and ruka” mikan said with a little hesitation but comes out strong.
    natsume replies with a serious glare,
    mikan asks”What? well..natsume..did you often kiss, sence everyone says you have been kissed before???”
    “ehh???”was his reply, while asking “did you kissed with ruka?”[basically-did you kiss with ruka?]
    “that…that was, anyway… what about you! have you really… ever been kissed before??” said mikan.
    natsume then says “don’t ever make fun of ruka, UGLY.”
    (weird moment where mikan is getting very furious.)
    “what did you say??? PERVERT! i wouldn’t want to be in the same room of the person you kissed.”
    “thats you,” natsume says.
    “that wasn’t a kiss!, don’t count that,” mikan yells.
    then natsume grabs mikan by the collar of her dress and starts to kiss her, mikan surprised starts to blush while all this is happening (take that anyway you want)
    then while they are kissing she starts to gently grab the arm he is holding her collar with and ties to say “natsume” (but thats a little difficult to do when your lips are pressing against someone, she realises that after trying) she opens her eyes then softly closes them while they share a very beautifully drawn kiss.(very awsome and touching moment, i mean she was so surprised, shy, confused, but i think a little pleased twords the end, but in the end i think she realises “i’m kissing natsume.” so then they seperate mikan takes a breath and natsume says “thats because, earlier you said…it wasn’t a kiss.”
    they look at each other and natsume says “Hmmm….thats it, a kiss….it’s nothing to be all exited about”
    he jumps out of the tree and looks back with a strait face at the speechless mikan, and he walks away.
    [thats all on chapter 50, the real kiss]

    [chapter 48 ruka and mikan’s kiss]
    yes ruka and mikan kissed before mikan ever kissed natsume at the party. it was right after mikan told mr. bear she would clean up for him if he played with youichi-chan. but while cleaning by herself her friends com e and say they would like to help clean up, to work off all the food they ate. so after cleaning for a while mikan decide to take a break outside.to her surprise ruka-pyon comes out with youichi-chan (with no mr. bear) Ruka came out to telll her that they all finished cleaning. mikan smiled, after getting a little upset that mr. bear ran off after she was done cleaning. ruka told her even though mr. bear ran off that youichi-chan wanted to thank her. she was surprised when youichi pulled her down by her hair and kissed her on the cheek.(youichi-chan is like 2 or 4) youichi then saw mr. bear and chased after him, while mikan was smiling saying “he just toally changed my mood completly.”
    ruka-pyon then leaned over and kissed mikan on her right cheek.(to mikan this all happened in slow motion-kinda sweet)then ruka said “…i want to tell you too, thank you!”
    then ruka-pyon turns back and smiles and says “about this,please keep it a secret from everyone, thats an order”

    (because before, he won this compition between all of there friends so he had to give mikan one order)

    then in chapter 49 before the whole tooth + lip kiss all she could think about was the kiss ruka gave her, even after the tooth + lip kiss. so that was a very important kiss to her.

    so sorry but you were a little wrong on a few things but what ever.

    also i really can’t decide who i want her to end up with ??ruka or natsume??
    (but i think i’m leaning twords ruka)

    well thats all…

  882. Don’t worry there will be a second season its just that the team of craetors are still creating it ^^

  883. panget si mikan lalo na si natsume

  884. hey is this in the show or in the book

  885. on January 2, 2008 at 1:28 pm | Reply tangerinelove

    where can i read the manga subtitled with english?
    pls email me. thanks.



  886. really omg i what to read it, where can i read the manga subtitled with english to

  887. go to mangafox.com
    they have up to 87 chapters..

  888. Hey…ummm does anyone knows how 2 watch the show with english sub i really want 2 see.I watch half of the part but i did not see the part u said …… pls send it 2



  889. i know the website where you can read the manga(english scan)
    visit this web ok….


    i like this 2 so i search for it

  890. i love you guys so much. i hope it will be soon animated in india

  891. on January 13, 2008 at 4:44 am | Reply loosecannon011

    “THERE IS A SEASON 2 and it will come out in May 2008”

    Yeah, sorry. I just found out about it 😛 Guess I have to learn to keep up.

    Maybe they’ll animate the kissing scene in s2.

  892. noooo i believe they kissed before chapter 52, i read the chapter where they kissed and is was during that x-mas ball

    but i can’t find chapter 52 anywhere
    anyone know where i can find it?

  893. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it’s me^_^..just want to let all the gakuen alice fans(if you are still loyal) that our most awaited moment will finally come this 2008….so, pls. just hold on a little longer..i hope i can pose a pic of natsume hugged mikan..actually, i have a pic in my friendster, but i kept it in my private photos..hehe..just leting you know bthat gakuen alice is now starting soon!bye my fellow fans…

  894. seeing that this was posted almost 2 years ago I suppose you guys already know what happened in the manga. 🙂 but even so if not then allow me to say some things. 🙂 as of now with what I have fished out Natsume and Mikan relationship in the manga is turning quite well. The last chapter I read was 86. And I say a LOT of Natsume and Mikan moments happened as well as Ruka and Mikan. The fight for Mikan begins and well there was one event that Natsume eventually revealed his true feelings for Mikan…how exactly? And what did he do or say? Well I don’t want to spoil things. 🙂

    About the kiss not being shown…well if there would be a 2nd season I believe that kiss would happen there. Because the kiss happened in a christmas ball. And the ball that happened in the series was the …i forgot but it happened during the summer right? So there. I hope they let it happen. As far as I know the recently aired anime shows did have kissing scenes and hug scenes… 🙂 well that’s all…just wanted to share what I know. 🙂 Ja ne!

  895. it is sooo sad….i really love going to onemanga.com and read gakuen alice there but now they had to remove it… 😦 oh well

  896. hey guys I’m new in here
    you donno how excited I am to know all that about alice academy.I want to know more.hey Mikaro will you plz plz plz plz plz plz plz give me your email id so i can contact you and maybe talk to you about anime pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..
    I would really love to have some friends who loves anime
    so will you give me your email id????
    here is mine:

    please Mikaro give me your id

    anyone who loves anime can contact me I would love to have friends who love anime

    please mikaro give me your email id

  897. Accualy i heard that there is/or not going to be a season 2 of gakuen alice academy. who knows if there might be another. i realllllllyyyy hope there is!

  898. oh…
    is tht so?
    but is it an accident when mikan & natsume danced & mikans falls in natsume?
    watch out your spellings!
    its natsume not nastume!

  899. OMG they accualy kissed and u know what i accually got the vol 1 manga which is gakuen alice at kinokuniya kuala lumpur klcc


    ♥to the following contacts:♥

    ♥ *09092371348 ♥
    ♥ *greendude_jril@yahoo.com ♥
    ♥ *561-5983 ♥


    this is the site i watched all the other chapters:
    (hope you will like it as much as i did!?)


  901. hi! u know im a fan of natsume-mikan love team

    SOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! they really kissed

    OMG! to d max

  902. It is what chapter?
    Natsume powaaa!

  903. they’re sooooo cute!! err… i’m not mean when they are kissing.

  904. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I LOVE NATSUME!!!!!!!! my friends call me Natsume @ school coz of my attatude! Well, I am kinda mean some times. I really wish I waz Mikan wen they kissed!!!!! Even tho he’s not real! i still love him! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  905. on March 2, 2008 at 2:49 pm | Reply Mikan&Natsume

    I know, they kissed! Isn’t it just great > I mean, who doesn’t think that Mikan and Natsume is not to be together? They look so cute! ( But I have to admit that Natsume is a little perverted sometimes)

  906. good to hear from all you guys

    but you know what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the following chapters are not existing in mangafox


    and how the heck am………. i…………… suppose to know the story

    please help me

    i love to read the manga

    wish it comes in india soon……

    waiting for the second season to be animated.

  907. really they actually kissed im so happy for them

  908. I am a bit confused. Has Gakuen Alice season 2 been released in Japan already?

  909. hey…ive got a site wer you can read manga online and it’s free!!!!!the site is:

  910. on March 20, 2008 at 6:30 pm | Reply addieXmitsume

    h..I’m also an avid fan of the mikanXnatsume pairing ….i just want to ask you if you know any website that has a complete translations of the whole manga, chapter by chapter or volume by volume…in English…please i would really appreciate it if you do…please reply asap..:)

  911. Some month ago you could read the manga on (Onemanga.com) or even download it. But now they’v blocked it somehow so the only way to read the manga is to buy the books. Wich are hard as hell to find!

    I’m more than willing to buy if i can find it in the right language.

    Ps: Has anyone noticed that some manga chpaters are missing?

  912. which volume??

  913. I love alice academy!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  914. Gakuen Alice is the best!

    It’s has such a sweet story!
    mikan and natsume 4ever!

  915. Could somebody tell me what was the chapter when Natsume and Mikan pretended that they were still stuck with each other and they both slept together???

  916. Yes…they did kiss in the manga …chapter 50 something

  917. Seriously!!!????? No fair! I wish I could read the manga!!!!! Does anyone know where to find it?

  918. BTW they kissed in chapter 50 volume 9

  919. so sad it did not happen in the anime… does anyone know where i can read the mange in english… i really love alice acedemy
    pls email me if you know where i can read the manga…kurashigi12@yahoo.com

  920. I am so ticked off right now!!!no one has manga chapters 20-28 scanlated so i cant see the whole them being kidnapped thing!!im so PISSED!!!!

  921. wooooooooooowwww!!!!!!! that was nice and beautiful
    and it was sweet story. BUT I WHANT TO SEE THEM KISSING IN THE ANIME IN ANIMAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  922. kya!!!
    they’re so adorable! i love them both!
    *but of course i love natsume more>LOL<*
    i heard that there was even a chapter where natsume and mikan was able to sleep together?!
    is that true?! on what chapter is that?!
    they really drive me crazy! natsumeXXmikan 4ever!

  923. well….try this site but im not sure if they have the chapter where they kissed


  924. you know guys…this is where you can find the WHOLE episodes….from 1-95!!!!…..great ryt???!!!…..this is the website!….. http://www.freewebs.com/gakuen_alice/index.htm

    pls…if you know another website to found..pls…pls reply…to this message!..thank you!!…and dont worry guys…!…season 2 is coming up..this summer!!!!….thanx a lot!

  925. on April 15, 2008 at 8:06 pm | Reply Gakuen alice love

    Brilliant *o*!!
    I look forward to knowing if afterward they are together going to go out ^^
    In any cases, me, I am almost sure of it.
    Kkkkkyyaahhhhh !!!!!
    Deeply the continuation >. <

    ( I am French saddened if there are faults ^^ I do not speak English well)

  926. like everyone here i was wondering where could you read the scans I don’t mind if it’s online or download nor do I care if it’s in english or chinese but anything other than that I don’t how to read…….so please a helpful and wonderful person pleassssse tell where could you find scans of Gakuen Alice up til 67?????? A thousand thanks in advance!!!!!


  927. ummm if u want to read the manga in english sub go 2 http://www.mangafox.com (even tho dis is a late reply n some of u might have alredy found a site oh well)

  928. O-mah-gosh so there really is a season2 of the anime? I’m overjoyed! And thanks to some of you who posted the manga sites up and stuff, because onemanga.com no longer shows gakuen alice…… But I can’t wait until May comes! But I still gotta wait for it all to be subbed and etc.

  929. i dont think they cut out the bit were natsume n mikan kiss becos dat bit is far away from were the anime is

  930. Hey Chloe where else can you read the manga of Gakuen Alice over chapter40? I went to mangahut.com and they only have them up to chapter40 and nothing else. Please help me out^^

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  936. that is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
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    go natsume!!!!!!!!!!!

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  938. on May 7, 2008 at 7:27 am | Reply Gakuen alice fan!!

    omg i LOVE gakuen alice!! im watching the anime… i kinda dont wanna read manga cuz if i do both then ill get mixed up for days!! (anime freak!!♥) but i want a second season SOOO bad… and its sad they’re not aloud to kiss in the manga.. so sad.. AT LEAST HUG OR SOMETHING….
    second season PULEAASEEE!!

  939. on May 7, 2008 at 7:29 am | Reply Gakuen alice fan!!

    WHEN I SAID “they’re not aloud to kiss in the manga” i meant anime… just to verify if anybody is checking…

  940. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.Look it up in..err…hmm…Nahh..I won’t tell it here.Go to the Gakuen alice manga site earlier.Okay?Hahah

  941. Okay..I’ve changed my MIND.

    Look it up in Mangafox.com

    Gakuen Alice is rated top two and the manga is already in chapter 97!!!!Luna will be erased from the book since Mikan now has her stealing alice which she inherited from her mother,Yuka.Ahh…if you wanna know more,read the manga for yourself.XD

  942. Wew…they rEally kissed..but itSz in manga..i hope they make it anime someday…xd

  943. ohmeegawd! i’ve read the manga. it was so cool. many sweet natsume and mikan moments. you guys should read it. ^_^

  944. Lolz

    IT IS SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!


  945. hi to all!!!!!
    it’s me again.. just want to ask if you can recommend other website aside from mangafox.com coz i already read chapter 1-97…it’s just that i’m getting super impatient…the updates are upload every 2 months.. i just can’t wait to see the next.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i’m desperate…

  946. How old are they now in the latest chapter?

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  948. wow they kissed !!!!

    that was a really su[prised thing to hear

  949. to santeria:

    actually, it seems that they didn’t grow old..mikan just turned 11 years old and natsume and mikan planned on leaving the academy…it’s so nice that i can’t stop reading it….oh, and what website can you recommend where i can read gakuen alice manga????

    pretty plz……………..

  950. i love natsume .He is soooooooooooooo cute. i find Showron very much like Natsume

  951. are u all sure that THEY are making AA 2?

  952. Does anyone know where i can buy the manga?
    And i love this anime! I cant beleive they kissed!
    ^.^ someone comment back please
    and thanks! =]=]=]

  953. i want to be Mikan because i like Natsume kawaii!!!!!!

  954. wah! but i want natsume-kun for myself!!

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  958. Read the Gakuen alice manga in http://www.mangafox.com

  959. Chapter 52

  960. OOps wrong chapter..should be volume 9- chapter 49- 50

  961. wow!!!!!they’re really kiss,my goodness,i wish in season two they have kiss either.WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


  963. yeah i agree with amethyst..
    there’re already gakuen alice manga at mangafox until vol.16 chapter 100…

  964. did dey kssd really i wanna see d season2 man!!! i want 2 see their love story grow.

    whn its cmng?

  965. natsume was not not the one mikan first kissed…. uhm,.. it was Ruka,.. but only on the cheeks.. i think natsume will end up with mikan… in the chap. 97 of the manga, natsume confessed his feelings to mikan, and in chap,98 when natsume said he wants to be an adult already so that he can run away with mikan, mikan replied me too…. it indicates mikan has a feeling also for natsume… hmmm,,, but until now the manga is not yet finish so we can hope to see more of these 2…

  966. Wow that’s amazing…. Now…Let’s see who was choosen by Mikan? Ruka? Natsume?

  967. haha..yeah i saw it..

    it’s a wonderful episode..haha funny!

    you must read it…

    chapter 49

    in mangafox.com

  968. in what volume and chapter did that happen?



  969. on September 7, 2008 at 7:55 pm | Reply Hannah Quimora

    Thanks 4 the info about the cutted scenes in the anime… especially about the alice academy and cardcaptor sakura manga kiss.

  970. Gahhh, i’ve read that chapter on youtube and i can’t find the surrounding chapters after it


  971. man that is so cool
    they attually kissed
    thats so romantic
    thats amazing

  972. whaaaa!!
    love it!!
    i really want to buy
    a full dvd for that..

  973. actually there is a second season, but it still in progress. the second season is so romantic.there was a chapther when mikan and natsume sleep together and natsume suddenly hug mikan……………….!!

  974. uhmm..
    a fan of natsume-mikan love team here.
    uhm.what exactly is the chapter when there sort of uhm.
    Hana Princess Arc?
    yeah.thats the one.
    what chapter is it in the Manga??

    reply ASAP.

  975. one more shojo manga sign

    4. the guy the girl hates/ argues with in the beginning always ends up being with her

  976. uhm.where can i read the chapters 22 to 28??
    i’ve looked at mangafox and onemanga but the chapters weren’t there..

  977. grave ang ganda ng story na 2 sana marami pa kung mabasa na story!!!!!!!!

  978. I really love gakuen alice so much especially mikan and natsumes’s paring I really love it! and now it makes me more happy and supporting their loveteam more!

  979. i bet Natsume left because Mikan after the kiss because he didn’t want her to see him blush. hahaha!!:))

    oh my God.. i really love this series.. i actually ordered the whole DVD set of the anime, and i’m now looking for the manga.. i want to complete that too!!

    mikanatusme.. natsumikan.. oh my God. i really love them.
    hotaru&luca also look good with each other.:D

    thanks for posting.:D

  980. I wish natsume never forget mikan and in the month of MAY we will see the GAKUEN ALICE 2 and I wish that natsume say to mikan is I LOVE YOU and I WILL PROTECT HER!!!

  981. on January 13, 2009 at 2:13 pm | Reply jannah S. Amper

    go to http://www.mangahut.com if you whant to see the kiss of natsume and mikan,go to chapter 50 gakuen alice on mangahut and i hope that natsume never say’s i love you to everyone,i what only mikan and natsume kissed,and there’s really season 2 in gakuen alice.

  982. hahaha I love that little kid.. poor guy… but the reason why I found the anime was that the seiyu of Natsume is Paku Romi.. my favorite one!!! (Miyano-san gome!!)
    But I want to read the manga!! and later watch the anime!!
    Season 2?? I have to start watching.. (sorry for my english.. I´m from south america)

  983. […] – bookmarked by 1 members originally found by cdiisma on 2009-01-05 Comment on Mikan & Natsume Kissed??? EH??! by Amethyst https://otakushrine.wordpress.com/2006/09/25/mikan-natsume-kissed-eh/#comment-19991 – bookmarked by […]

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    hey guys!!!
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    anyway do you guyz know where to buy or read the mangga in english???????
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    please email me at girlzi_twilighter@yahoo.com
    please for those who know

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    i just LOVE the manga. but permy HAVE to be that awful to mikan? )’:
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    maybe i should take a flight to tokyo, bump into bad people, get narumi to save me, get natsume to sit on the wall again, get accepted into gakuen alice for having an alice i never heard of and never knew i had and MEET TSUBASA! omg, he’s a HEARTHROB!!!!!!!!!! ❤
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    Am I right the first kiss called “tooth kissing?”
    And the 2nd one….hummm…cant explain…
    Am i right???
    TY 4 da info.

  991. Sorry to say, but you got the storyline all wrong.
    Here are the stuff you got wrong:

    1. Mikan’s teeth landed on Natsume’s lips, making Natsume’s lips bleed (tooth kiss)

    2. After Mikan’s dance with Natsume, the elementary school principal dances with her, but while they were dancing, Mikan’s mask fell of which means something bad would happen, and because of this, the principal (still a kid), tells Mikan to be careful because she might lose something precious to her

    3. Mikan gets upset because of this, so she decides to look for her friends so that they can console to her problem, climbing up a tree to make it easier to find them, she is surprised to find Natsume sitting on the branches of the tree.

    4. Mikan DID insist that it wasn’t a kiss, but Natsume only said Mikan was a lousy kisser in public, therefore not really saying it was a kiss (he stayed quiet the whole time they were on the tree, just insulting Mikan from time to time and asking Mikan if something happened between her and Ruka – Ruka kissed Mikan on the cheek on the same night and told her not to tell anybody)

    5. Mikan blushes and tells Natsume it’s none of his business, and asks him if he has ever been kissed before.
    Natsume doesn’t reply to this question, calling Mikan ugly once again for the hundredth time. Mikan then retorts that she doesn’t even want to be kissed by Natsume, leaving him speechless.

    6. Natsume, still speechless, pulls Mikan’s collar and kisses her under the sakura tree. The kissing goes on for 3 whole pages (teehee) and Mikan pulls away while Natsume says he did that because earlier she said it wasn’t a kiss.

    These events could all be found in chapters 48-50 of the Gakuen Alice Manga. They also take place during the Annual Christmas Ball so the reason why Natsume and Mikan were dancing together was because of the final event, the Masquerade Ball.

    That’s the link for chapter 48. 😉 It just goes on and on so there’s no need for the other links. 😀

    Hope I didn’t cause any trouble, just wishing to correct it 🙂
    P.S. Still an avid fan, read until chapter 108! (The latest scan is chapter 110, although it’s not translated yet.)
    Chapter 110 also has a very thrilling MikanxNatsume moment. :”> 😀

  992. Natsume really loves Mikan, so much in fact, and he really admitted that he will do anything to protect her. Even Ruka-pyon, too, admitted that he is not second to Natsume in liking Mikan, which is why he too do whatever it takes to protect Mikan. 🙂 So ROMANTIC. :”>

    Just hope chapter 109-110 scanlations come out soon, because I really want to know what would happen in the MikanxNatsume moment in chapter 110. I also wanna know more about Kaoru Igirashi (Natsume’s mother), how she became friends with Yuka (Mikan’s mother) and how Izumi (Mikan’s father) fell for Yuka. :):D:”>

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  998. To:Efril and Kirsti & Leona and Pearl

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  1000. Hey,
    There are available scanlations in http://www.onemanga.com
    You can see the manga there.
    It’s pretty long, though.
    About 68 chapters.

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